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Oct 06, 2017
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Community College

Coast Community College District


TEACHING INTERN 17-18 (Teaching Intership with EXPERIENCED SUPPORT (TIES) Program)


Deadline:  11/01/17 


Full job description and OFFICIAL application available ONLY at: https://www.cccd.edu/employment. Please click on OPEN POSITIONS located in the menu bar on the left, then select your desired jobs category to access list of open positions.




The Coast Community College District encompasses three Colleges – Coastline Community College (CCC), Golden West College (GWC), and Orange Coast College (OCC) – that are connected by an unwavering commitment to equitable outcomes; inclusive practices; and rich racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic diversity. Ideal candidates for all positions in our District share our devotion to educating and improving the lives of our representative student, employee, and community populations.  At this time, our Colleges enroll over 63,000 students annually, and 68% of our students are from racially minoritized groups; 31% are Latinx, 25% are Asian, 4% are African-American, and 4% are multiracial.  CCC is an Asian American and Native American Pacific Islander-Serving Institution (AANAPISI), and GWC is an officially designated Hispanic-Serving Institution (HSI).  The Colleges engage in regular professional development opportunities and partnerships so that we can best serve disproportionately impacted groups.  Activities and connections include GWC's partnership with USC's Center for Urban Education; student and employee involvement in organizations like Puente and Umoja; a robust District Ally training program, including UndocuAlly (undocumented students), SafeZone (LGBTQ), Vet Net (veterans), and Ability Ally; a Peace Studies/Social Justice program; and a full calendar of culturally responsive events.



A teaching intern in the TIES Program will collaborate with a full-time, discipline-specific Coast Community College District faculty member who will serve as a formal mentor.  Through the mentor/intern relationship, teaching interns will gain first-hand observational and guided instructional experience; insight into equity-minded and inclusive practices, course and lesson planning, student engagement techniques, and practical strategies for classroom management; and opportunities to shape and connect with the community college culture.  The following performance responsibilities further describe the position:


Participate in a brief, pre-semester orientation and a final celebration and debriefing of program accomplishments near the end of the semester.

Attend, regularly, one of the mentor's course sections throughout the duration of the semester.  As mentors and interns agree, there may be flexibility for interns to attend multiple sections.

Communicate respectfully and effectively with the mentor; regularly share needs, expectations, and ideas. 

Meet with the mentor for a minimum of 30 minutes per week using a mode or modes agreed upon by both parties: in person, on the phone, by email, over Skype, etc.

Collaborate with mentors to prepare course and/or lesson plans.   

Prepare with and receive the approval of the mentor to teach a minimum of two 20-minute lessons for students.  Debrief about the lessons with the mentor.

Interact with students as guided by mentors; this may include conferencing with students in class or in office hours, leading small- and large-group discussion, and/or facilitating study or review sessions.

Collaborate with mentors to develop and/or strategize about student assessment techniques, including grading methods. 

Observe and develop strategies for engaging students and for managing the classroom.

Understand the role of campus and/or department-wide committee service by attending at least one college-, division-, or department-wide meeting. 

Strategize with mentors to promote an inclusive environment in the classroom in which all participants' ideas, cultures, and identities are valued and respected. 

Participate in discussions about cultural humility and equity in relation to community college students, faculty, staff, and administrators. 

Identify the roles that various campus offices and individuals play in student and employee success. 

Heighten a sense of belonging to the community college faculty culture through regular and open dialogue with mentors about these subjects: prioritizing professional responsibilities, avoiding burn out, managing time and work/life commitments, and locating opportunities for professional growth. 

Engage in opportunities for career development by attending a District "Hire Me" workshop, reviewing application and interview strategies with mentors, and connecting with students and professionals in higher education.

Design and perform additional duties in consultation with the mentor and/or Program Director.



Applicants must meet 1a, 1b, 1c, or 1d and 2 to be considered:


Applicants are eligible to participate in the program only if they have never taught a community college course.  Additionally, applicants may not participate in the program and concurrently teach a community college course. 


Academic/Professional Experience: Applicants must meet one of the following qualifications under (a) through (d):

Individuals currently enrolled in a Master's or Doctoral program, who have completed at least one year of full-time academic coursework at the graduate level.

Master's or doctoral degree holders who have not had paid higher education teaching experience.

For vocational/technical areas only: Bachelor's degree holders with a minimum of two years of full-time occupational experience in a vocational/technical area and no paid higher education teaching experience.

For vocational/technical areas only: Associate's degree holders with a minimum of six years of full-time occupational experience in a vocational/technical area and no paid higher education teaching experience.

Applicants must be sensitive to and understanding of the diverse academic, socioeconomic, cultural, disability, gender identity, sexual orientation, and ethnic backgrounds of community college students.


Conditions of Employment



Applications, along with all required materials, must be received no later than the posted closing date.  Any applications submitted after the deadline will not be considered. 

A select number of candidates will be invited for an interview.  Selection for interviews will be based on (1) connections to disciplines of special interest, (2) academic preparation and/or occupational experience, (3) responses to the supplemental questions, and (4) demonstrated sensitivity to and understanding of diverse academic, socio-economic, lifestyle, cultural, disability, gender identity, sexual orientation, and ethnic backgrounds in community college environments. 

Applicants will be notified of their status by early December.

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