Oct 06, 2017
Institution Type
Four-Year Institution
Job Summary This position serves as an independent and effective HR practitioner working as a member of the University of Georgia Office of Human Resources Employment Department. The office of Human Resources Employment Department consists of three divisions: Recruitment, Position Management, and Onboarding & Records. Recruitment is responsible for the staffing and processing of applicant data. Position Management is responsible for evaluating positions to appropriate classifications. The Onboarding and Records team is responsible for capturing and maintaining essential data for employment. The incumbent will be expected to provide information, advice or guidance and support to managers, supervisors, staff, and faculty, keeping abreast of HR issues, identifying areas of concern, and recommending/implementing solutions. This is a highly responsible position and will collaborate with team members to provide efficient and effective HR services to the university community. This individual works with supervisors and employees to provide accurate advice and consultation to university employees, supervisors, and management. They interpret policies, procedures, laws, and regulations for departments university-wide. Minimum Qualifications