Plant Engineer

Green Horse, LLC
Millersburg, KY
Oct 04, 2017
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Job Description

Green Horse, LLC, a manufaturer of premium animal bedding manufactured from repurposed corrugated cardboard sheets, is seeking a plant engineer to maintain, monitor and improve all plant machinery. Candidate will be responsible for working with other plant employees in daily production, establish and maintain an appropriate work environment and ensure employees operate machinery properly.

Company Description
Green Horse is the Smartest Choice for equine, livestock, exotic, and domestic pets because it is the Cleanest Choice. Most bedding products create tremendous levels of dust and allergens. Green Horse Premium Bedding is manufactured from surplus corrugated cardboard and is virtually dust & germ free.

Cushiest Bedding Available for Maximum Rest
Super absorbent to eliminate Toxic Urine Spots
Won't Stick to Animals coat or Blanket helping you maintain a cleaner anima.l
Decomposes quicker than traditional bedding materials for quicker composting.
Doesn't burn grass pastures like wood shavings and sawdust.

Millersburg, KY


Tue, 3 Oct 2017 06:25:55 PDT