Supportive Services Manager Sarasota, Manatee or Desoto Counties FL

Covenant Kids Manor Inc.
Sarasota, FL
Oct 03, 2017
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POSITION IS WORK FROM HOME: ANYWHERE IN Sarasota, Manatee or Desoto Counties, FL

Join our team of dedicated professionals who enjoy a rewarding career from the convenience of their home. This is a full time paid (direct in-home care position) under our new Supportive Services Program. This position is fostering redefined. As an entry level Supportive Services Manager advancement is offered to those who possess the dedication and skills needed to help our community's most vulnerable children thrive and succeed. As a Supportive Services Manager you will complete a home study and foster parent training class (Partnership in Parenting or PRIDE classes) and become a licensed foster parent and you will be responsible for ensuring that foster children receive the highest level of services and care. You will enroll the foster children in school and work with their educators to ensure their educational needs are met. As needed, you will make annual doctors, dental, and counseling appointments and provide transportation as you accompany your assigned foster child to these appointments. You will work with the Child Advocate (case manager) to help the foster child achieve permanency so that they don't stay in foster care any longer than necessary. You will attend court hearings where you will provide feedback that will inform the court as to the overall progress of the foster children you have in your care. You will supervise visitations and encourage strong family bonds among the foster child's siblings. The care, guidance and supervision that you provide will play a vital role in the emotional healing, growth and overall progress of the foster children assigned to you. This is a new and innovative foster care management position with an emphasis on supportive services given by both the Supportive Services Manager to the foster children they serve and by the Covenant Kids Manor Inc.'s Executive Team. Supportive Services Managers will receive 24 hour team assistance and support from CKM Inc. as they care for the foster children assigned to them. Supportive Services Managers will receive training and resources to do their job to the fullest. This 360 team approach removes the obstacles that once hampered the system of care. Note* This is a direct care position from your home. The foster children assigned to you are NOT children with special needs, ADP, Developmentally Delayed, Juvenile Justice-Criminal Record or who have emotional/behavioral alerts). Therefore, foster children in this program are typical children for their age who have become foster children due to unfortunate family or life circumstances.


Applicant must be a resident who lives within Sarasota, Manatee or Desoto Counties or be willing to relocate to the area. Must be able or willing to work with foster children between the ages of 0 to 17 or 6 to 17. Applicants must pass and maintain home safety and cleanliness standards and must successfully complete management and child safety training. Applicants must have and maintain a working cell phone, valid driver's license and maintain reliable transportation. Residents of the applicant's household must pass a background check. Applicant's spouse/partner must complete a background check and must be supportive of the Supportive Service Manager who is applying for this position. Applicants must be able to ensure that assigned children have at least 4 outings/activities per month. Applicants must be able to successfully complete foster care Partnership In Parenting (PIP) or PRIDE class, a background check and home study.


Applicants must be able to legally work in the U.S. and must pass a criminal background check and Homeland Security. Applicant's must be able to use the internet, compose emails, send emails with attachments, use Microsoft Word & Google or be willing to learn these skills, be organized, neat, dress professionally and communicate professionally (and effectively) via cell phone and in writing. Supportive Services Managers are expected to meet all required deadlines and timelines for monthly reporting and attend mandatory management meets as scheduled. Applicant must maintain foster client confidentiality and treat each foster child with love and respect. Applicant must be physically able to take children on fun and exciting recreational outings monthly within the community as well as encourage foster children to participate in activities, sports or interest common for children their age. Prior foster and or social services experience is a plus but not required.

Educational Requirements: Minimum- HS Diploma or GED

AA, BS, BA, or Master's Degree is a plus.

Experience: Current or former foster parents, parents, teachers, counselors, guardian ad litems, therapists, managers, prior social services position, coach, police officer, pastor, or persons with experience working with children of any age are encouraged to apply. Bi-lingual a plus but not required. Supportive Services Managers can't have a job outside of this position since they will be the primary person responsible for caring for the foster children. The spouse/partner of the Supportive Service Manager can continue to be employed outside of the home.

Salary: $73,000 ($40.00 per day per child in care. Minimum is 3 children. Salaries listed are based on 5 children) (salary max with 5 children $73.000 annually-with increased responsibilities, exemplary service and advancement over a 5 year period)

Advancement: Covenant Kids Manor Inc. encourages promotion from within. This position offers growth and advancement. The next level of management is an area manager titled Sr. Supportive Services Manager. Sr. Supportive Services Managers are team leaders who provide oversight to new or less experienced Supportive Services Managers within a geographical area.

CKM Inc. is a not for profit 501 (c)3 Publicly Supported Foundation and licensed provider of the Florida Department of Children and Families. CKM Inc. is licensed both as a Child Caring and Child Placing Agency. CKM Inc. is an equal opportunity employer. Covenant Kids Manor Inc does not discriminate based on age, gender, race, religion or LGBTQ. All qualified candidates are encouraged to apply.

Company Description
Covenant Kids Manor is licensed Child Placing and Child Caring agency licensed by the Florida Department of Children and Families. This new Supportive Servives program provides less restrictive foster placements while empowering managers to think "out of the box" as they provide and receive 360 degree team support.

Sarasota, FL


Fri, 15 Sep 2017 11:18:04 PDT