Oct 03, 2017
Institution Type
Four-Year Institution
Job Summary *This position is only available to current UGA employees* This position plans and manages all aspects of a project(s) including budget responsibilities, research design, and project staff. Tasks are varied in nature and may require a wide-ranging skill set with a complete knowledge of the project priorities. Supervision of this position is limited and independent decision making will be necessary. Good communication skills, and the ability to update/effectively share information with Principal Investigators and students is a requirement. The position supervisor is available for clarification of policies and procedures. This position will require competence in laboratory safety and analysis skills, including DNA extraction, molecular marker development and analysis. Green house duties and field work may be required. Tasks may shift throughout the day; it is highly important that the individual exercise competence and professionalism while reprioritizing responsibilities. Contact with the UGA community, Garden constituents, and the general public is frequent and varied in nature. This employee must exhibit excellent customer service/public relations skills. Minimum Qualifications Master's degree and some experience or equivalent combination of Bachelor's degree plus experience and skills required. Area-specific certification and/or training may be required and other training will be provided as appropriate.