Sep 30, 2017
Institution Type
Four-Year Institution
Job Summary As part of our GlyGen project (a data warehouse system for glycomics related data) the web designer will work on prototyping and implementation of the graphical user interface of our integrated web database and glycan array data repository. The main task will be to design a state of the art user friendly and intuitive graphical interfaces for the display of biological data provided by RESTful web service. It is expected that the web designer has several years of experience developing webpages and web application and can advance the implementation of the graphical user interface beyond average web developers. For the development of user friendly interfaces the designer will use recent web technologies and adapt user feedback to improve the interface and usability. This will require skills in current webpage technologies such as HTML5, CSS, Java script and knowledge in modern java script libraries and frameworks. As part of a five-year project, the year milestone for the first year will be the implementation of a working but graphically simple prototype of the webpages. In the following years this prototype will be improved with more advanced display option bases on user specifications. As part of a developer team the developer will work closely with other software developers on the same project requiring the ability to work as part of a team and corresponding communication skills. The web designer is also expected to serve as the lead developer for the interfaces and will be assisted by another GUI developer. Minimum Qualifications SEE IT MATRIX