Director of Facilities and Transportation

The Marin School
San Rafael, CA
Sep 29, 2017
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Job Description

The Director of Facilities and Transportation is a half-time position. This person fills a key position at The Marin School as part of the Administrative Team reporting to the Head of School. He/she is responsible for:

* overseeing the school transportation program, which currently includes three routes and a partnership with the JCC for use of their vehicles. The Marin School owns and maintains 4 vans and the JCC owns 3 busses which are parked on the school's property. Current routes include:

• One bus that runs each school day (morning and afternoon) traveling between San Francisco and San Rafael, picking up and dropping off approximately 25 students in San Francisco and Southern Marin. Driver must have a Class B License with passenger endorsement.

• Two vans that run each school day, one to and from Sonoma, and one to and from the East Bay (driver must have Class C License).

* Duties include establishing transportation routes, creating schedules based on student sign-up, hiring and supervising drivers, driving as a substitute driver when needed, communicating with parents, coordinating bus schedules and drivers with the JCC and ensuring that the school's vehicles are properly serviced.

* Maintaining service records for school vehicles and DMV license/driving records for drivers.

* overseeing the physical plant for the entire school buildings and grounds. This includes a regular walk through of the facilities, and handling requests from faculty and staff for equipment and facility-related projects.
* overseeing a landscaping maintenance and building cleaning program that keeps the school's appearance in exemplary condition.
* creating and maintaining an on-going equipment replacement program.
* developing, maintaining and reporting all required environmental, health and maintenance standards as required by law and to work with the administration to ensure compliance with all regional, state and federal regulations and laws pertaining to the School.
* arranging bids and developing specifications for all contractual work.
* overseeing the work of all contractors to ensure compliance with contractual agreements and budgetary restrictions.

Food Service
* supervising the school chef and ensuring the effective management of the school lunch program including meeting health and safety requirements for kitchen operation.

Facilities Rental Management
* responding to needs of sub-tenants and managing sub-tenant relationships.
* overseeing space planning projects.
* having a solid understanding of the school's lease

* handling all aspects of rental of the school's Performing Arts Center, including being present as needed during any rental events.

* working closely with the Head of School and the Director of Finance.
* performing other duties as assigned by the Head of School.
* supporting the school and its leadership.

* Strong organizational and management skills

* Possess Class B driving license with passenger endorsement (preferred) or at a minimum Class C driving license with clean driving record
* Customer service orientation

* Experience at an independent school (preferred)

* Know how to use excel, Word and google docs and sheets
* Excellent communication skills
* High standard of professionalism
* Accuracy and timeliness

* Positive and proactive energy
* Responsiveness to requests
* Creative problem-solving skills
* Ability to see both the big picture and attention to detail
* Ability to work as a team player

* Bachelor's or master's degree (preferred)

The position is available immediately.

Position is a 50% exempt position and will be paid hourly. Hourly rate will range from $35 - $45 based on experience. Preferred work schedule would result in employee being on campus for some amount of time Monday through Friday. Occasional evening or weekend work may be required.

Company Description
The Marin School currently serves 100 students in grades 9-12 with the goal to grow enrollment over the next 3 years. We honor each student's unique learning style and act in accordance with an unshakable belief in the potential of each and every student. Our motto is "Small School. Big Impact." Class size at the school is small by design (7-10 students), to allow teachers to fully understand their students and give teachers the ability to personalize their instruction with experiential learning, innovative lessons and non-traditional, yet effective, learning opportunities.

The Marin School faculty and staff are made up of passionate, skilled, motivated, inspiring people who love what they do. We wholeheartedly believe in each student's unique potential and seek employees who are equipped with the experience, talent, tools, skill and enthusiasm to be a productive member of our community.

San Rafael, CA


Tue, 26 Sep 2017 17:52:42 PDT