Sr Software Developer

Chicago, IL
Sep 29, 2017
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Job Description

We are looking for an experienced Sr Software Developer to build high quality systems, lead projects, and mentor teams while focusing on innovating and improving the development practices within our Agile/TDD environment.

This role will develop capabilities with new technologies as well as maintain and support our existing Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications. We need someone with a genuine passion for technology, problem solving, and creativity.

If you were here in the last few months you would have: developed a new build and deploy pipeline using Chef and Jenkins, improved search relevancy in SOLR, or created a new mobile-first Ember app.

  • • Effectively participate on a scrum team under an Agile development process
  • • Involvement in all phases of the development lifecycle, including design and analysis to solve complex business problems
  • • Implementation using the most appropriate technology (new technologies encouraged!)
  • • Automated testing
  • • Deployment in a continuous integration pipeline
  • • Support of new as well as existing applications

  • • C# / VB.NET exp preferred but we're open to a diverse range of backgrounds

MORE IMPORTANTLY we're looking for the type of Agile Technologist that knows how to:
  • Keep code releasable and working so that it can be continuously deployed to production environments
  • Write high quality unit tests that act as an executable specifications for how the code is supposed to work
  • Write maintainable and useful acceptance tests that help us ensure that an application works the way a user expects
  • Write good object oriented code that can be continuously refactored and improved in order to keep code base clean and maintainable over the long term
  • Build rapid feedback cycles into the development process
  • knows how build, test, and deploy automation works and isn't afraid to get their hands dirty scripting
  • Own an application from cradle to grave, eat their own dog food, and won't throw things over the wall for another team to have them deal with it.
  • Work in the cloud and utilize managed services to reduce the need for self managed infrastructure
  • Build and maintain service oriented, event driven systems, that are small encapsulations of specific responsibilities
  • Mentor and lead teams to improve in these areas, is never satisfied with where things are, and is always striving for continuous improvement

Company Description
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Chicago, IL


Mon, 25 Sep 2017 08:25:49 PDT