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DC Automotive
Rocky Mount, NC
Sep 29, 2017
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Position: General Manager

December 2016

dC Automotive Overview

dC Automotive is a God owned, enthusiast operated; new, used, rebuilt, parts and repair service facility that serves the worldwide community of Porsche owners.

Our global reach and commitment to one another and to the quality of the brand ensure that we do our very best to serve our mission field and to serve God. Our goal is to attract like minded, enthusiastic excellance oriented people to set the example of what a dedicated to honoring God business is.

People Strategy

Motivated enthusiasts who learn and teach one another while doing their very best. Working together and with one another to accomplish given goals and reach ever higher.

Shared Direction

To be the go to place for all things Porsche.


Honesty, integrity, Trust, relationship oriented.

Productive Relationships

Teamwork, open learning and teaching, problem solving, accountability, decision making.


Measure and reward high performance, manage poor performance Realistic attainable goals that have clear definition.


Continual development in our people of what is now and what is coming or could be. With the goal that it a shared experience, no secret recipes.

Mission: To bring Honor and Glory to God while we serve a worldwide audience of Porsche owners and enthusiasts.

Vision: To be the #1 supplier of parts and services to Porsche owners worldwide.

Values: Honesty, Integrity, Good Stewardship, Sharing, Caring


Open minded, outside the box thinking, taking leaps at ideas to solve problems. Circling back to seek more improvement

Mutual Accountability

Operators, managers, and staff will follow through and deliver on commitments; we will share a sense of urgency with excellence in all situations.


Freely exchange ideas with one another regardless of position or experience; Give and receive feedback with logic and care.

Trust and Respect

We will value every individual for his or her contribution. Thoughts and opinions are welcome. Our differences will make one another richer not dilute or separate.

- An understanding of and a commitment to the special purpose, mission, and beliefs of dC Automotive and will have a value system compatible with our values.

People Abilities

- Deep interest and care for people with an understanding of their primary interests, aims, strengths, and motivations.

Working with Employees, Contractors, Customers and Vendors alike.

- A demonstrated ability to accomplish results through collaboration with and development of strong relationships with our customers.

Organizational Skills

- An ability to organize his/her own thoughts and work, while continually growing a results-oriented team. Ability to win the confidence of colleagues and office staff that demonstrates a well-functioning department. Insight and Strategy

- A focused sense of strategy, (i.e., possessing the knowledge and sixth sense for how to implement our mutual goals). The ability to set realistic objectives for the department and achieve them. A Sense of Timing - An intuitive sense of timing and appropriateness in relation to people and projects.

Work Capacity

- Sufficient physical and emotional energy to deliver the results necessary to advance our mission.


- Creates ideas and follow through without prodding. (Balanced with judgment and knowing when and how to ask for assistance and counsel).


- A heartfelt passion for the work we do, meeting exceeding perceived expectations, which displays optimism - but not overselling and overstating.


- A level of impeccable integrity that permeates others.


- The dC Automotive vision will be irresistible to the right person. People skills, organizational and communication abilities must be truly remarkable, this person will be excellent at project management in a manner that inspires others to join in and cooperate.

Expectations of the General Manager

A General Manager comes prepared to meetings asks appropriate questions, knows the current workload and gives realistic feedback on new projects and opportunities.

Crystalizes the objectives of dC Automotive and transforms them into meeting the organizational needs. Helps produce and create an atmosphere conducive to growth and development. In order to deliver exceptional results, the General Manager works with those he/she manages to:

- Establish clear outcome-based priorities and goals; capturing what success looks like for the team and for individual staff members, and ensure that plans are in place for meeting those goals.

- Give clear and actionable feedback that truly helps people get better at what they do.

- Develop procedures to assure customer accuracy.

- Develop procedures to assure staff compliance.

- Inspire staff to reach highest levels possible.

- Maintains careful budget control procedures. Ability and willingness to travel, including overnight.

Three to five years' experience in managing people and projects is desirable.

Company Description
Largest Warehouse for Used, New and Rebuilt Parts for Porsche Cars in the USA.

Rocky Mount, NC


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