Paper Manufacturing Shift Supervisor

American Paper Converting, Inc.
Richmond, VA
Sep 29, 2017
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Job Description

Purpose: Lead the operating personnel in the manufacturing of products in way that safety rules, product specifications, and company policies are followed to meet customer needs in a cost effective manner, while working towards continued growth.



Supervisors must have complete knowledge of the products produced at American Paper Converting to insure that the product being produced is to the customer's specification and that it is being made correctly, minimizing costly mistakes. Additionally, Supervisors must know what materials are to be used to make each product and where those raw materials are located in the plant.


Supervisors must develop a working knowledge of APC machines and their functionality. The Supervisor's ability to keep the machine operating will impact overall productivity and success of their shift.


Employees must be knowledgeable and comply with APC safety rules. Supervisors will be responsible for the training and enforcement of APC safety rules.

Company Policies

Supervisor must be knowledgeable of and understand all APC Company Policies. Supervisor will be responsible for enforcing APC Company Policies.


  • Responsible for the Health, Safety, and Knowledge of their shift.
  • Lead monthly safety meetings.
  • Ensure each employee completes the safety orientation.
  • Monitor safety rules and Company Policies on daily basis. Take action as necessary to comply with policies and safety rules, including disciplinary action and assignment of further training when necessary.

  • Assist with the hiring of new employees. Including the selection/evaluation of quality inspectors training to be operators.
  • Training of new employees.
  • Monitor attendance rules and take action as necessary.
  • Provide feedback/ performance evaluation to operating personnel.
  • Work with operators to optimize productivity (meeting or exceeding production standards) while reducing waste. Continuous improvement of manufacturing process.
  • Prioritize equipment/personnel as the need arises.
  • Assign and approve overtime to meet production needs.

Quality Inspectors
  • Train and review work expectations and product specifications with all quality inspectors.
  • Provide a general description of what they will be doing.
  • Review Quality Standards, tools, and Spec Book necessary to successful performance in this role.
  • Ensure quality inspectors are consistently inspecting product to confirm they meet quality and product specification standards.
  • Take disciplinary action as needed.
  • Assign quality inspectors to work station/machine based on production needs.
  • Assign and approve overtime to meet production needs.
  • Perform evaluation of quality inspectors.
  • Contact Temp agency as needed; to request or alter staffing and to inform them of disciplinary action.

  • Responsible for the Quality and Productivity of their shift.
  • Train all operators and quality inspectors on quality expectations.
  • Update product specifications as needed.
  • Ensure all operators and quality inspectors are meeting quality expectations. Perform quality checks at regular intervals ensure products meet specification.
  • Take corrective action if necessary to meet specification.
  • Report all quality deviations to Operations Manager.

  • Responsible for overall appearance of the warehouse during and after their shift.
  • Ensure all operators maintain a clean and organized work area.
  • Ensure overall plant is clean and organized.
  • Provide special focus to warehouse organization and cleanliness in preparation for visits or tours.

Ship Date
  • Make sure all orders are meeting customer ship dates. Take necessary action to ensure orders are completed on time.

  • Know, understand, and enforce full APC Employee Handbook and Policies.
  • Verbal and written warnings can be given (fill out an unacceptable performance form and have them sign the statement)
  • Suspension - Send them home for the reminder of the shift if needed. Instruct them to contact the company next morning (fill out an unacceptable performance form and have them sign the statement)
  • Follow progressive discipline schedule outlined in Employee Handbook.
  • Investigate and address complaints made by employees according to APC Rules and Policies.

Teamwork and Communication
  • Work close with production planner, maintenance, and customer service.
  • Work with maintenance to maintain equipment in a safe and great condition.
  • Keep Operations Manager informed.
  • Complete daily shift reports.
  • Ensure all employees under supervision have the required tools, training, and supplies to complete their work in a safe, efficient, and productive manner.

Requisite Skills:
  • Willing to work any shift.
  • Proficiency in basic arithmetic in-order to keep track of cases made along with conversions that may be used with quality control.
  • Adequate mechanical skills necessary to learn converting equipment and maintain equipment in a safe and great condition.
  • Leadership skills necessary to lead Operators and Quality Inspectors and insure that they are performing the work required. Must be able to offer direction and then appraise execution of direction by supervised employees.
  • Some supervisory experience.
  • Dependable and Responsible. Self-managed.
  • Organized.
  • Be able to lift 50 pounds.
  • Be able to stand for extended periods of time during shift.

General Duties and Expectations:

a) Be on time to work. Clock in no sooner than 7 minutes of scheduled time and no later than 7 minutes after scheduled time. Be at your machine ready to work at scheduled time not just in the plant. Operators are relieved at their machine and should not leave the machine until their relief arrives. Machines are not to be left alone. Clock out hour for lunch. No one leaves the premises without clocking out. Overtime must be preapproved by operations manager. Not clocking in for a shift or clocking in late from lunch break will result in a tardy. To avoid this tardy, fill out a "Time Clock Adjustment Form" and have operations manager sign the form for approval.

b) An attendance report should be filled out for anyone absent, late to work or leaving early. Supervisors must acquire a completed "daily attendance report" before allowing an employee to return to work.

c) Coordinate and supervise the operation of machines to produce product within specification to meet customer needs while maximizing productivity and reducing waste. On time shipment is critical. Make sure you know when your product is shipping.

d) Track and respond to equipment problems during your shift. Expect reports for a machine when it has not been meeting production standards for longer than 2 hours.

e) Supplies: Write a note to Production Planner in the office when you notice we are running short on supplies...Don't wait until the last minute when it's too late.

f) Quality:

"Quality of today is our job tomorrow." - Lydia Work, Company President

At regular intervals, inspect manufactured products and ensure it meets specification. Take corrective action if necessary to meet specification.

g) Hygiene: Show respect to co-workers by reporting to work in a clean manner. Poor hygiene makes it difficult to work around co-workers.

h) Provide ideas for improving the operation, ideas how to improve safety, quality, and productivity. Reduce cost.

i) Ask questions and learn the technical understanding of the equipment and the process. Gain increased knowledge of how the equipment runs and what it's supposed to do.

j) Respond to violations and concerns promptly.


The above list of job responsibilities and company expectations is intended to be a guide and is not intended to be all-inclusive. From time to time additions or deletions to the job requirements, performance and expectations may be made.


Truthfulness and honesty in all communications and actions (internal and external) affecting the company are essential to the success of the Supervisor's function, and ultimately the company. Our people are our culture.

Company Description
At American Paper Converting, Inc. (APC) we manufacture bathroom tissue, facial tissue and paper towel products. We are now servicing national accounts from Woodland, WA and Richmond, VA. APC was founded in 1997 to be a flexible and innovative supplier of towel and tissue to janitorial and food service distributors.

Richmond, VA


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