Senior Residential Network Specialist

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Westwood, MA
Sep 23, 2017
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Job Description

Senior Residential Network Specialist

Position Summary

The Senior Residential Network Specialist is responsible for the design, documentation, implementation and maintenance of the data networks of the Company and its tech-sophisticated residential customers.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities
  • Design networks
  • Document networks
  • Implement and/or oversee implementation of networks
  • Manage other IT employees
  • Train IT employees and other techs in network installation
  • Manage Company network and devices (servers, workstations, mobile devices)
  • Manage installation, configuration and operation of applications
  • Assist sales personnel in the preparation of client proposals
  • Additional Detail: Activate DSL or Cable modems, Configure routers and WAPs, Troubleshooting/testing of networked AV/Low voltage systems, Provide up to date information on capabilities and connectivity of product, Represent the company as needed to conferences sponsored by professional societies and industry trade associations and organizations, Research new product, materials, and solutions.

  • Fluency in data networks & PC application implementation
  • Proficiency in design and presentation software
  • Very good written and oral communication skills


Network infrastructure:

Perform the required level of cable test procedure in order to ensure system performance meets or exceeds design specification:
  • Cable terminations, POE, running and landing cable in residential environments.

Network Configuration:

Implement a Local Area Network using IP addressing best practices, sub-netting, and routing order to ensure proper network functionality and long term reliability.
  • LANs, WANs, subnets, Gateways, MAC addressing, IP addressing, DHCP configuration, Implementing IP addressing schemes, Configuration of subnets and gateways, Documentation of system device address, Using MAC address reservations

Implement a network that meets the performance requirements of all client's devices in order to ensure proper functionality.
  • TCP, UDP, IP, Common internet services: SSH, FTP, HTTP, streaming media, Media storage and distribution, defining bandwidth as it pertains to networking, determine if available bandwidth meets requirements for streaming services

Wireless Networking:
  • Understands RF spectrum, Use RF spectrum analysis tools, Interpreting the results of RF spectrum site survey, utilizing gathered data to design, configure, or troubleshoot a residential wireless network
  • Knowledge of wireless network components: routers, access points, managed & unmanaged switches, network controllers

Ensure reliability, security, and consistent performance of the wireless portion of a residential network by proper configuration of of SSID, Channel, Encryption standards and security settings.
  • Wireless SSIDs, available wireless channels and selection criteria, wireless encryption standards, configuration of wireless networking hardware, creating secure networking passwords

Optimize the wireless network by implementing network controllers:
  • Ensure proper configuration of network patrollers and wireless controllers, ensure seamless device roaming, configure access points, understand bridging techniques, specify the correct network topology for large scale wireless deployment

Network Design:

Configure a home network with remote access through the use of VPN and port management in order to safeguard client information and allow interaction from external locations.
  • Dynamic DNS, Virtual Private Networks, Port forwarding and port translation
  • Network security: hardware, software, other treats
  • Remote network troubleshooting, configuration of VPNs, setup of dynamic DNS
  • Utilize available troubleshooting skills/tools to diagnose and repair systems remotely

Westwood, MA


Fri, 22 Sep 2017 14:34:38 PDT