Assistant Community Manager

Franklin Homes & Communities
Belleville, MI
Sep 21, 2017
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Franklin Companies


Assistant Community Manager

Supervisor: Operations Manager


To oversee the general day to day operations of the community assigned to. The assistant community manager is directly responsible for helping to collect rents, fill vacancies, maintain and build positive resident relations, maintain accurate records for all resident files as well as bookkeeping methods. The community manager is also directly responsible for working with maintenance and maintaining the property appearance.

Franklin Companies Core Values

  • Be committed to further the vision of the company
  • Make customer service our biggest responsibility
  • Be Accountable for your actions
  • Always view our company as a team
  • Be target focused and goal oriented

Essential Functions

  1. Rent Collection
    1. Make daily rental deposits the first five days of the rental period, weekly deposits thereafter. Final deposits on the last day of the month before beginning the new month.
    2. Send 7-day notice on the sixth day of the month
    3. Phone in deposits
    4. Always strive for $0 receivables.

  2. Reporting and bookkeeping
    1. Maintain MA reports in an organized fashion
    2. Monthly reporting is to be on time to the main office
    3. Maintain all collection notes and resident notes in the computer

  3. Resident screening process
    1. Qualify and interview potential residents
    2. Accept applications
    3. Complete debt to income ratio, credit check, current and prior employment and current and prior landlord verification
    4. Prepare move in documents

  4. Rule Enforcement
    1. Always maintain an accurate accounting of outstanding violations
    2. Daily community review
    3. Issue appropriate rule violation or rule reminder
    4. Discuss with supervisor and residents who have not complied with notices
    5. If approved, fill out 30-day notice and sent to attorney

  5. Resident Relations
    1. Follow up on (written) resident's complaints
    2. Adhere to policy of consistent treatment for all residents
    3. Prepare a community newsletter per schedule
    4. Resolve residents' disputes when appropriate

  6. Budget Control
    1. Monitor expenditures to assure expenses do not exceed approved amounts
    2. Discuss with supervisor prior to making any purchases (over $100) or authorizing contractor agreements
    3. Account for petty cash
    4. Take bids for annual contracts when asked to assure prices remain competitive
    5. Get three bids for all work to be done by an outside contractor
    6. Cooperate with your supervisor to implement cost reducing procedures

  7. Maintenance
    1. Insure staff under your supervision are effectively and efficiently deployed with no duplication of work effort and staff is not "standing around"
    2. Work plan is prepared daily before staff under your supervision arrive for work
    3. Work schedule is set up showing regularly scheduled procedures which must be performed daily-weekly-monthly-annually
    4. Keep a full and accurate inventory of all community property
    5. Insure that staff is available to supervise home removals and installations to determine that no damage is done to the property
    6. Turn in weekly maintenance dashboards filled in accurately

      Qualifications/Skills Required

  • Good organizational skills and record keeping (Attention to detail is critical)
  • Cheerful presence and people skills
  • Good oral and written communication skills
  • Self starter who can work independently
  • Problem solving by clarifying issues and exploring answer and alternative solutions
  • Skill in establishing priorities and managing workload
  • Strong computer skills including familiarity with Microsoft Word and Excel and other commonly used software
  • Ability to follow directions

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Belleville, MI


Mon, 18 Sep 2017 06:54:05 PDT