Information Technology Writer and Editor

The Enterprise Strategy Group, Inc.
Milford, MA
Sep 19, 2017
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Job Description

This role centers on increasing the quantity, value, and consumption level of written deliverables (syndicated and project-based) across various IT-related research areas.

The IT writer accomplishes that goal by working with senior analysts to co-draft and finalize a stream of perceptive, actionable written deliverables in line with clients' expectations for thematic focus and quality.

To be considered, candidates must have:
  • Superior writing ability (with samples), enterprise IT industry knowledge/expertise, and an ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously under deadline.
  • At least five years of experience in one, or preferably more, of the following fields:
    • IT industry analysis and market research. (Previous IT analyst/firm experience is a plus but not required.)
    • IT journalism.
    • IT vendor marketing, product marketing, sales, or consulting.
    • Contract writing for information technology clients.
    • Professional services consulting.
  • Education - BA/BS required.

The IT writer is expected to:
  • Develop and maintain an understanding of two IT research areas initially-networking and cybersecurity-and have broader-level familiarity with cloud computing, storage, data management, and other IT areas to be determined. The IT writer's knowledge must cover the market forces that drive a particular IT segment, the major vendors operating in the segment, the common purchasing-decision criteria for technologies in the segment, and the macro-level challenges facing vendors and end-user organizations.
  • Work with senior analysts to structure, co-write, edit, and update briefs, white papers, scripts, and similar deliverables. This effort may include interacting with the senior analysts to add key points, converting conference presentations into briefs, reworking content originally created as custom projects, and helping senior analysts to convert their observations and insights into a greater number of client-commissioned and syndicated pieces.
  • Work with senior analysts to create research reports, including preparing outlines, identifying key takeaways, uncovering supporting facts, and ensuring that reports align with the research area's larger body of content.
  • Work with senior analysts to identify areas in which more primary or secondary research may be needed, and then collaborating with ESG's market research staff to create or obtain that information.
  • Fulfill clients' requests quickly and completely (i.e., taking client phone/email inquiries, incorporating client edits into drafts, and noting questions not answered in ESG's current body of research).
  • Identify existing content that could be delivered in complementary formats (i.e., infographics, podcasts, webinars, or presentations), working with the senior analysts to develop those deliverables.

Summary of Desired Capabilities
  • Professional-caliber writing and editing skills.
  • IT industry experience in cybersecurity and networking.
  • Research and analysis skills.
  • Project management skills.
  • Strong interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to learn new topic areas quickly as warranted by projects.
  • Ability to take initiative and be comfortable working independently.
  • Ability to work in a small, entrepreneurial "IT think tank" environment.

Company Description
ESG's team is made up of insightful and spirited people who think creatively to grow a business dedicated to quality. We are experts in areas of high technology such as information security, cloud, data management, storage, data protection, etc. and provide analyst and consulting services to our clients. If you'd like to become a member of this team and join a company that's enthusiastic about personal growth and fulfillment, contact us today!

Milford, MA


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