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DEVELOPMENT RESEARCH ANALYST I Job Family Level 11 Job Description Development Research Analyst I Duke University Development Office

Occupational Summary

A variety of duties involving the collection, interpretation, analysis, and documentation of data on prospective donors. Submit reports to leadership and gift officers across schools/units/initiatives with strategic recommendations regarding identification, cultivation, solicitation, and stewardship of donors to Duke University. Position reports to the Assistant Director of Research in PRMA.

Work Performed

Prospect Identification, Research, and Analysis
• Identify new prospects and projects that meet strategic priorities and objectives for annual, planned, major, and principal giving.
• Responsible for design and upkeep of proactive research aligned with assigned portfolio, pipeline, and campaign priorities.
• Demonstrate ability to partner with research requestors to identify specific research needs.
• Monitor news sources for information on prospective and existing donors and trends in business, higher education, and philanthropy. Distribute news alerts as appropriate.
• Maintain, update, and query donor records in the university database; provide system- generated reports for analysis and interpretation.
• Respond to requests for giving capacity, business details, areas of philanthropic interest, and other information for a variety of individuals and programs across the university. Respond to requests in a timely, thoughtful, and complete manner.
• Focusing on wealth screening data, conduct research to determine donor giving capability and assess donor interest in various programs across the university.

Interpretation of Data
• Discover, record, and interpret evidence of philanthropic interests in organizations and evaluate impact.
• Using hard, soft, and public wealth indicators identify, evaluate, and track highly appreciated assets and estimate donor gift capacity through the analysis of complex individual, corporate, and foundation financial information.
• Summarize information relevant to the timing of a gift synthesizing large amounts of data to create a concise and confidential research report in a variety of formats.
• Present information in a variety of written formats including emails, reports, summaries, and abstracts.

• Build strategic partnerships with development officers in schools and units across the university.
• Assist in preparing presidential and dean briefings, bios, and related documentation as necessary. Aid in the development and/or coordination of written strategies for briefings and bios.

• Bachelor's degree required with demonstrated skills in research, writing, and editing.
• One year of successful development or research experience in a non-profit or institution of higher education.
• Highly developed scanning, skimming, and reading comprehension skills are essential, as well as superior ability to assess the relative value of, synthesize, and summarize relevant information into coherent, well-written documents.
• Ability to take initiative and exercise sound independent judgement.
• Ability to comfortably handle multiple priorities with attention to detail and timeliness.

• Well-developed interpersonal skills and excellent written and oral communication skills with an aptitude for critical thinking and problem-solving; ability to work well under pressure and maintain flexibility. Ability to support peers and leaders is essential.
• Ability to learn to navigate unfamiliar information systems and use a variety of computer applications with little guidance.
• Position requires diplomacy and sensitivity related to institutional prioritization of needs.
• Skillful problem solving, curiosity, discretion, and continuous attention to detail
• Excellent analytical skills and ability to interpret and analyze data

Behavioral Competencies
Self-Management - LEVEL 1: Knows personal strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and limits. Seeks feedback and gains insight from mistakes. Is open to criticism and is not defensive.
Curiosity and Information Seeking - LEVEL 3: Digs Deeper: Asks a series of probing questions to get at the root of a situation or a problem, or potential opportunity below the surface issues presented. Calls on others who are not personally involved to get their perspective, background information, experience, etc. Does not stop with the first answer or explanation; finds out why something happened.
Planning, Prioritizing, and Multitasking - LEVEL 1: Identifies and categorizes assigned tasks based on level of importance and urgency with little or no supervision. Carefully establishes timelines and reminders to ensure a timely completion of work, adjusting priorities as needed and avoiding scheduling conflicts. Utilizes available resources and asks for help. Arranges and communicates information in a clear and useful manner.
Decisiveness and Judgment - LEVEL 2: Uses sound judgment to make appropriate, timely decisions in moderately complex situations where information may be missing. Knows when to escalate a decision to a higher level. Makes decisions with available information, even if such information is not fully conclusive. Evaluates situations objectively. Considers options and consequences of alternate options during decision• making process. Avoids making assumptions about the facts of a situation or the motivation of others. Appropriately solicits the input of those who will be affected by the decision. Sets priorities in accordance with team/departmental objectives and strategies.
Initiative - LEVEL 1: Acts and works independently, taking prompt action to accomplish objectives. Responds in an appropriate timeframe when presented with a problem. Requires limited prompting.
Attention to Detail - LEVEL 1: Creates a personal system for making sure details are not overlooked; double checks the accuracy of work. Provides information in a usable form and timely manner. Takes careful notes when given a task to ensure information is not forgotten. Adheres to policies, procedures, and standards. Work requires limited review. Expressing Ideas Orally and in Writing - LEVEL 2: Effectively communicates thoughts, ideas and facts. Considers audience, subject matter, etc., when preparing oral presentations. Presents information in a clear and concise way. Detects and discerns underlying meanings; reads "between the lines." Adjusts content and style of written documents according to the subject matter and audience. Writes clear and concise material.

Interested Applicants Please submit cover letter and resume to Please put "Development Research" in the subject line.

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Minimum Qualifications
Duke University is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employercommitted to providing employment opportunity without regard to anindividual's age, color, disability, genetic information, gender, genderexpression, gender identity, national origin, race, religion, sexualorientation, or veteran status.Duke aspires to create a community built on collaboration, innovation,creativity, and belonging. Our collective success depends on the robustexchange of ideas—an exchange that is best when the rich diversity ofour perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences flourishes. To achievethis exchange, it is essential that all members of the community feelsecure and welcome, that the contributions of all individuals arerespected, and that all voices are heard. All members of our communityhave a responsibility to uphold these values.Essential Physical Job Functions:Certain jobs at Duke University and Duke University Health System mayinclude essential job functions that require specific physical and/ormental abilities. Additional information and provision for requests forreasonable accommodation will be provided by each hiring department.


Work requires the skills and knowledge normally acquired throughcompletion of a Bachelor's degree.


Work generally requires one year of experience in development researchor a related field. Work experience in research methodology stronglypreferred.OR ANY OTHER EQUIVALENT COMBINATION OF RELEVANT EDUCATION AND/OREXPERIENCE.

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Duke University is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer committed to providing employment opportunity without regard to an individual's age, color, disability, genetic information, gender, gender expression, gender identity, national origin, race, religion, sexual orientation, or veteran status.

Essential Physical Job Functions: Certain jobs at Duke University and Duke University Health System may include essential job functions that require specific physical and/or mental abilities. Additional information and provision for requests for reasonable accommodation will be provided by each hiring department.


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