R&D Systems Engineer

The Fulton Companies
Pulaski, NY
Sep 14, 2017
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The R&D Systems Engineer is a team/project leader responsible for, in assigned boiler new product development (NPD) projects, all aspects of boiler NPD, spanning:

1) market/competitive analysis,

2) formulation and approval of spec/requirements documents,

3) conceptual, preliminary and final design,

4) design validation (analytical/computational, experimental/laboratory, certification, field trials),

5) first level sourcing, manufacturing engineering and quality assurance strategies & plans,

6) preparation of technical materials in support of marketing/sales,

7) preparation of technical materials in support of patent applications.

The R&D Systems Engineer will extensively and expertly utilize systems engineering techniques & methodologies, in a manner consistent with the company values and operating philosophy, to:

8) simultaneously optimize Fulton & customer value at the systems level,

9) drive innovation & make the best possible tradeoffs across the boiler constituent subsystems (HX, burner, blower and controls),

10) lead & coordinate team efforts among experts in associated technical disciplines (including, but not limited to, heat transfer, combustion, CFD, FEA, turbomachinery, controls & electronics, mechanical design, and manufacturing engineering),

11) achieve project performance, cost and schedule goals.


1) Market/Competitive Analysis - Synthesize and obtain consensus approval of market leading, highly differentiated & achievable specs/requirements for NPD projects, which maximize Fulton's gross profit potential.

2) Product Design - Synthesize designs that meet or exceed the specs/requirements.

3) Product Validation - Develop and execute plans for comprehensive design validation, to assure all specs/requirements are consistently and robustly achieved over the targeted product life.

4) Manufacturing Readiness - Develop and execute first level strategies and plans for sourcing, manufacturing engineering and quality assurance, to assure that designs are consistently and reliably "built to print" in production.

5) Market Readiness - Prepare technical materials and information needed in support of a) marketing & sales launch efforts, and b) patent applications that assure sustained market differentiation and profitability for Fulton.

6) Schedule & Resource Management - Achieve all the above items consistent with project schedule, budget and personnel constraints, while making the best and most efficient use of all assigned/available resources.

7) Staff Development, Retention & Recruiting - Continuously develop, effectively retain, and recruit staff as necessary for sustained success and continual improvement in team capabilities.

QUALIFICATIONS (Education, Certifications and Required Experience):

1) Minimum B.S. degree/preferred M.S. or Ph.D. degree, in appropriate Engineering discipline (additional MBA desirable).

2) Minimum 3 years/preferred 5 years experience in NPD of highly engineered commercial/industrial systems (alternately, minimum 4 years/preferred 6 years applied technical experience with commercial/industrial boilers).

3) Strong "systems" orientation/aptitude, with demonstrated project management & team leadership expertise.

4) Strong technical foundations & abilities to enable leadership of experts in heat transfer, combustion, CFD, FEA, mechanical design, manufacturing engineering, blowers, burners, and controls/electronics.

5) Fluent in MATLAB and Microsoft Office Applications.


1) Unrelenting Focus on Results, via continual fostering of Teamwork/Cooperation & strong Stakeholder Orientation.

2) Exceptional Analytical, Conceptual and Strategic Thinking Skills, and ability to foster these skills in others.

3) Strong drive/DNA for fostering Creativity & Innovation.

4) Ever present Attention to Detail & Quality of Work, and ability to foster these competencies in others.

5) Demonstrated Adaptability/Flexibility to respond to and effectively address unforeseen events.

6) Clear, Concise, Effective & Persuasive Communication Skills (oral & written).


1) Full sight, hearing and speech capabilities.

2) Manual dexterity sufficient for keyboard input and writing.

3) Basic personal mobility.

Company Description
The Fulton Companies is an American multi-national group of companies headquartered in Pulaski, New York, USA. Fulton researches, engineers, manufactures and sells complex heat transfer equipment for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications. Today, Fulton employs more than 875 people in facilities in five countries, and has served as an industry leader of emerging heat technologies for more than 60 years.

Pulaski, NY


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