Glen Ellyn, IL
Sep 14, 2017
Institution Type
Community College

Position Title: Controller, AFRECONTRADMAF

Duties of Position:

  • Assists the Vice President of Administration and Treasurer - CFO with strategic planning and overall execution of financial affairs for the College.
  • Leads and exercises oversight of all functions of the College's Financial Affairs Department.
  • Oversees the activities of the accounting functions of the College and maintains current financial accounting procedures in accordance with the ICCB Fiscal Management Manual and generally accepted accounting principles.
  • Oversees the activities of the Cash Disbursements Department to ensure the accurate and timely processing of payroll, accounts payable, employee expense reports and total payroll tax compliance.
  • Oversees the activities of the Cash Receipts & Accounts Receivable Department to ensure the accurate and timely management of all accounts receivable, including student accounts, and the cashiering and collections operations.
  • Prepares reports that summarize and forecast the College's business activities and financial position in the areas of revenues and expenditures based on past, present and expected operations.
  • Reviews financial statements and other financial reports for accuracy and clarity.
  • Reviews and approves the budget-to-actual analysis for the College's operations on a monthly basis.
  • Coordinates the distribution of financial information to all units of the College and interprets the data to assist managers in understanding the financial operations of their unit.
  • Responds to the Vice President of Administration and Treasurer - CFO as assigned with timely and accurate work to facilitate those needs and the overall financial management of the College.
  • Coordinates the forecast of cash requirements and recommends solutions to properly meet those requirements.
  • Coordinates the investment of surplus funds in conformance with the Board-approved investment policy and cash flow requirements. Initiates or, as appropriate, approves wire transfers.
  • Coordinates the submission of financial claims and reports to various local, state and federal agencies and the filing of financial reports to ICCB such as tax levies, audit reports, etc.
  • Coordinates the development of the Financial Affairs Department annual budget.
  • Implements and maintains internal controls to protect the financial integrity of the College.
  • Schedules and coordinates annual audits of the College's financial records and grant programs and the submission of reports to the appropriate regulatory agencies. Reviews feedback from external and internal auditors and financial reporting entities to identify how procedures and/or personnel might be strengthened and improved.
  • Coordinates the preparation of unit cost studies.
  • Performs annual employee evaluations of direct reports and coordinates the annual employee evaluations of employees in the Financial Affairs Department, including recommendations for employment, promotion, retention and dismissal.
  • Performs other duties as assigned by the Vice President of Administration and Treasurer - CFO.

Experience and Education:

Equipment & Working Conditions:

Department: Financial Affairs & Controller - FIN

Position Type: Full time - FT

Pay Type: Salary Exempt


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