Senior Director of Development and Alumni Affairs

Gainesville FL
Sep 13, 2017
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Four-Year Institution
Classification Title:

SR DIR, Advancement

Job Description:


The Senior Director leads the development and alumni support programs for the University of Florida (UF) Levin College of Law (CoL). This leadership position reports dually to the Dean of the College of Law and Senior Assistant Vice President (Sr AVP) for Development. The senior director works with the Dean to develop and implement fundraising strategies to meet the CoL’s financial needs and to raise the national and international profile of the CoL, in alignment with the strategic initiatives of UF as a whole and with UF Advancement.


• Work actively with the Dean and Sr AVP for Development to develop a comprehensive fundraising program for the CoL designed both to maximize resources available to the CoL and to increase the percentage of alumni financially contributing to the CoL.
• Implement, evaluate, and improve fundraising strategies designed to maximize resources available to the CoL and to increase the percentage of alumni financially contributing to the CoL.  Ensure the entire development team is aware of these institutional priorities and will guide their activities in meeting them.
• Work with the Office of Admissions, Center for Career Development, and other relevant units at the CoL to track and analyze contacts with alumni and to incorporate the entirety of the CoL’s faculty and staff in the CoL’s comprehensive fundraising program.
• Create a structured process for the identification, recruitment, evaluation, recognition, and replacement of volunteers to strengthen fundraising effectiveness, including participating in the recruitment of experienced and diverse leadership on advisory boards and/or committees in order to ensure that these groups are representative of, and responsive to, the communities served.
• Monitor and report regularly on the progress of the comprehensive development program.  Evaluate the program using established metrics to produce accurate reports, guide effective decision making, and achieve the vision of UF Advancement Gold Standard Culture (Vision: To Be The Best (TB2), Values: Respect, Accountability, Integrity, Stewardship, and Excellence (R.A.I.S.E.)).
• Support the Dean in his/her role as Chief Development Officer at the CoL.  Lead and execute the major gift program, effectively building a pipeline of prospects to ensure future success of the fundraising program.  Independently perform identification, cultivation, solicitation, and stewardship of major gift prospects, defined as individual prospects and corporate and foundation prospects with the potential to give $100,000 and above to achieve the mutual interests of the prospects and the CoL.
• Manage relationships through face-to-face visits to bring major gift solicitations from proposal to closure.  Travel frequently by automobile.  Maintain an acceptable driving record that meets insurance requirements, and an active Florida driver license.
• Work with the development team and the Office of Admissions and Center for Career Development to identify prospects with the potential to give up to $100,000 to the CoL. Develop strategies designed to analyze the connection between volunteer activities and financial contributions and to encourage all volunteers to become donors, in order to increase the percentage of alumni financially contributing to the CoL.
• Build, manage, and lead a high performing team of development professionals.  Nurture and/or recruit top talent, provide counsel on matters relating to fundraising, and ensure accountability, including by establishing goals in alignment with unit objects, developing metrics, and engaging in strategic planning.  Evaluate staff members, develop a strong sense of teamwork, and establish an environment of mentoring and support.
• Plan and monitor the development budget in consultation with the Dean; ensure best practices in office systems, practices, files, and record keeping; and ensure effective use of strategic tools and resources such as contact reports, prospect management, research, data analysis, and the Advance database.

Perform related duties (as required or deemed appropriate by the Dean) for the accomplishment of CoL’s goals.


Policy Making
• In consultation with the Dean, determine fundraising and alumni procedures pertaining to the CoL
• Assist the Dean and the SrAVP for Development in formulating development policies and procedures pertaining to UF’s development program

Program Direction and Development
• Plan, organize, and implement all programs for the CoL’s development team
• Responsible for:

  • Planning and implementing short-and-long term development and alumni programs and strategies
  • Designing solicitation strategies on a case-by-case basis, being cognizant of UF Advancement and  CoL requirements
  • Assisting the Dean and Assistant Vice President (AVP) for Development in the area of fundraising activities
  • Assisting in the operation and activities of philanthropy leadership teams

• Regularly communicate with Dean
• Communicate frequently and effectively administrators, faculty members, and staff members
• Coordinate solicitations with CoL Office of Messaging and Outreach and colleagues within UF Advancement
• Lead and foster teamwork
• Maintain meaningful personal contact with prospects, key volunteers, and friends throughout the state
• Majority of solicitations handled involve face-to-face contact
• Contact with alumni and others who meet regularly on campus, such as potential employers of law students, advisory boards, college clubs, etc.

Monetary Responsibility
• Properly handle gifts and pledges made to UF
• Possess gifts of cash, securities, checks, and other documents; effect their proper and complete transfer from donors to ODAA/Foundation
• Gifts and pledges are of all amounts

Advertised Salary:

Salary negotiable and commensurate with experience.  

Minimum Requirements:

Master's degree in appropriate area of specialization and six years of appropriate experience or a bachelor's degree in appropriate areas of specialization and eight years of experience. Five years of fundraising experience with documented success in cultivating and soliciting major gifts of $100,000 and above from individual and corporate prospects.  Three years of supervisory experience. In appropriate circumstances, transferable skills (fundraising, alumni affairs, donor/public relations, law or legal practice experience, substantial law or legal relationships or other relevant areas of higher education) may substitute for minimum qualifications.

Preferred Qualifications:
  • Seven to ten years of major gift fundraising experience with documented success in cultivating and soliciting major gifts of $100,000 and above from individual and corporate prospects
  • Juris Doctor (J.D.) or similar knowledge of the legal profession and experience working with lawyers
  • Proven record of developing and implementing innovative fundraising strategies designed to maximize performance of a development team; includes knowledge of fundraising principles, methods, and standards; a demonstrated ability to construct, articulate, implement, and monitor an annual strategic development plan; and an excellent track record of entrepreneurship, innovation, and creative problem solving
  • Experience in a college or university setting, enthusiasm for fundraising in a comprehensive research university, and the desire to work collegially within a goal-oriented fundraising organization
  • Strong understanding of budgeting practices, financial accountability, and the ability to manage resources with prudence and efficiency
  • Ability to demonstrate and embrace the highest standards of ethics as accepted by the professional fundraising community
  • Business acumen and the ability to work collaboratively as a team player
  • Excellent oral/ written communications and interpersonal skills, as well as effective time management and organizational skills
  • Ability and willingness to travel; valid driver license and good driving record are essential*

* Business expenses are reimbursed through a standard accounting system; ability to pay for expenses using your own personal credit card or funds and have them reimbursed is essential

Office of Development and Alumni Affairs (ODAA)/Foundation has defined the following critical competencies for organizational and position specific success:

• Relationship Mastery - Identifies, targets and strategically builds relationships with colleagues, prospects, donors and volunteers
   - Establish and maintain effective relationships, demonstrating genuine interest in the well-being and opinions of others and recognizing common ground with individuals from varying backgrounds
   - Anticipate conversational direction with ability to swiftly adapt and diffuse high tension situations
   - Successfully identify the proper timing, medium and consistency to engage stakeholders
   - Exhibit a high level of emotional intelligence in all interactions
• Donor Focus - Ability to establish, cultivate and steward prospects/ donors to build and maintain lifelong partnerships and trust on behalf of the institution
   - Consistently search for ways to improve the donor experience centralizing all efforts and tasks around meeting their needs
   - Match donor/prospect passions with UF priorities, involving the right people and resources at the right time
   - Place prospect/ donor needs ahead of personal success
   - Utilize resources, remains flexible and creatively suggests individualized engagement activities
• Tenacity - Ability to demonstrate the discipline and resilience necessary to successfully achieve goals and strategies
   - Identify and seize opportunities, setting “stretch” goals and exceeding them (always looking for the next rung on the ladder)
   - Ability to re-direct prospects from distractions and non-productive requests (in control but not seemingly in control)
   - Strong commitment to close gifts (every day is a domino)
   - Does not give up in the face of obstacles (master of “No”)
• Credibility - Display responsible, reliable and trustworthy actions
   - Act in an ethical and authentic manner to support the mission of UF, demonstrating a “can do” spirit, sense of ownership, urgency and commitment
   - Stay current on functional and technical aspects of one’s job seeking opportunities to acquire new knowledge and skills
   - Promote and establish trust, respect and rapport utilizing diplomacy and tact
   - Fulfill commitments made to donors, colleagues and UF partners
• Entrepreneurial Spirit - Ability to generate creative solutions and take risks
   - Understand current environment and possesses the ability to adapt to new opportunities and challenges
   - Generate innovative ideas, solutions and opportunities to positively impact results (doesn’t order from the menu)
   - Learn from success and failure with a drive to succeed (hates to lose)
   - Accept, embrace, and leads change
• Engaging Communication - Ability to attentively listen and express oneself clearly and empathetically in interactions with others in all forms of communication
   - Possess the ability to engage and inspire
   - Successfully read verbal and non-verbal cues adapting communication style and strategy as needed
   - Demonstrate active listening and understands the art of asking questions to skillfully obtain more complete information
   - Command attention when speaking and presenting to individuals or groups
• Strategic Thinking - Ability to develop strategies and plans that integrate into the organization’s mission, priorities and goals
   - Ability to effectively synthesize information and data to evaluate and prioritize prospects/donors in a larger context (knows their prospects)
   - Ability to document and illustrate a comprehensive engagement strategy with realistic timelines
   - Collaboratively engage colleagues and academic partners and integrates their knowledge into strategy
   - Ability to think big, and create bold and inspiring tactics
• Mission Driven - Fundamentally identifies with the core mission to create awareness, build relationships, generate support and recognize donors for the purpose of advancing UF
   - Consider national trends and best practices of advancement within higher education
   - Possess a solid appreciation of UF history, culture and tradition
   - Understand the power of philanthropy and how to engage donors toward achieving their goals
   - Create advocates for UF through the ability to “visualize dreams”, “ask”, and “close”

Special Instructions to Applicants:

In order to be considered for this position, applicants must upload a resume, cover letter and list of references.

Application must be submitted by 11:55 p.m. (EDT) of the posting end date.

Health Assessment Required: No