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New York, NY
Sep 11, 2017
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Job Description

The role:
As a Publisher at you act as a business manager of a category on our site - in this case, money transfers.

Your core focus is generating high quality and relevant non-paid traffic (organic search engine traffic, content marketing traffic, direct traffic, referral traffic and all other ways to get inbound traffic) for product comparisons that convert into referrals for our advertisers. Once you get the traffic, it's your job to monetize it, constantly optimize it, and grow the revenue of the money transfers category.

This position is located in our New York City offices. Salary is competitive and there's no cap on bonuses for unlimited earning potential.

Key Skills and Traits of a Publisher
  • Publish content onto the site, build out authoritative and in-depth guides that rank highly in search engines, deliver on user's intent of why they clicked, drive comparisons and help users make a decision that is best for them.
  • Innovate new and creative ways to drive inbound traffic into the finder website and ultimately grow more referrals to our partners.
  • A Publisher will build a team of an Assistant Publisher, Publishing Support crew and Copywriters as the size of the niche grows.
  • The Publisher is responsible for leading the team and ensuring everyone works collaboratively to build new content and improve existing content.
  • Key skills that will ensure your success at finder:
    • Strong Search engine optimization (SEO) skills and proven ability to get websites to rank highly for big competitive keywords.
    • Content marketing and improvement.
    • Conversion rate optimization (CRO) - you know the importance of copy and how to get people to take an action from a page. You love headlines and the power of them!
    • Detailed keyword research skills utilizing traditional and your own secret sauce ways to find user intent and untapped keywords. Match a content strategy to these keywords and drive longtail traffic.
    • Monetization and management of products on the website.
    • Expert in content creation, understanding user intent, and writing

Your work will differ from day-to-day, but your overall responsibility is to build traffic and redirects to our partners.

Who we are:
This is your opportunity to join, a product comparison company whose aim is to compare everything. Our goal is to share useful knowledge that helps the world make better decisions. Whether that's teaching people how to save money on paying interest, getting more rewards or just learning something that helps them make a decision about their money. We hire slow and hire great people. We have some of the lowest turnover in the industry.

We have free lunch daily in our NY office, strong team camaraderie, and we work hard.

Who you are:
You might have a degree in media, marketing or business (or you might not!)
  • You probably taught yourself coding and built your own websites. You also probably taught yourself SEO and have constantly learned from there.)
  • A few years of experience in a role that grows website traffic.
  • You have an entrapreneurial mindset and are constantly looking for opportunities to grow websites and you love to hustle to hit growth targets and projections.
  • You enjoy the challenge of going up against tough competition and winning.
  • Complacency isn't a word in your dictionary, you are proactive go getter and you know how to go out and make something happen right away.

You are skilled at content marketing, internet marketing strategy and consider yourself to have strong SEO skills. You understand how to manage a business, ROI, and can think about business strategy on a holistic level. You might have had experience managing a small team of people (or external contractors) or a desire to manage people. You care for your team and ensure that they're constantly growing in their roles and treat management as the art of aligning an individual's goals with the company's objectives. You work hard and know what you need to do to lead a team towards achieving the company and that individual's goals.

You understand the intent of the user. You can empathize with how users would feel and have a strong idea around what they want and can build pages that perfectly deliver solutions for that.

Application process:
If this sounds like the kind of opportunity you've been looking for, apply now and send us a cover letter and resume. Use your cover letter to introduce us to you; we want to know who you are, what you've worked on, what results you have achieved (link us google rankings results if you like, or great pieces of authoritative content that have earned loads of links) and why you think you'd be a fit with our team.

Answer these 3 questions in your cover letter:
  1. If you were a superhero, what would your superpower be?
  2. Are you a TGIM or a TGIF person?
  3. What can you add to

Company Description
If you're energetic, proactive and passionate about helping the world save money, then we want you to work with us! is a young, vibrant company that originally started in Australia in 2009 and expanded to the US in September 2015. We're made up of a dynamic and passionate team. At, we want to help others save money. If you share our goals and ambitions, apply now, we want to hear from you.

New York, NY


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