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San Francisco
Aug 31, 2017
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Student Teacher Supervisor

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Our client, University of San Francisco (USF) is looking to fill a temporary Student Teacher Supervisor to assist with the supervison of a candidate for the USF School of Education. Resumes are being looked at immediately and qualified candidates will be considered.

University Supervisors must hold a credential, have extensive experience in the area of teaching, and some mentoring or supervising experience in the credential area which they are hired to supervise. Holding an MA degree is preferred but experience in the field, especially as a mentor or supervisor, can balance the lack of advanced degree. Across credential programs, University Supervisors are typically individuals who have retired from full-time employment in their credential field but want to continue to “give-back” to the profession by mentoring new candidates. A few Supervisors are current practitioners who have jobs that allow them to take time to mentor USF candidates during field-based/clinical experiences.

All University Supervisor assignments are made by the Field Director of TED. Each student enrolled in Student Teaching I and Student Teaching II/III is assigned a supervisor, who conducts on-site visits at the school to which the student is assigned.

The University of San Francisco is located in the heart of one of the world's most innovative and diverse cities, and is home to a vibrant academic community of students and faculty who achieve excellence in their fields. Its diverse student body enjoys direct access to faculty, small classes and outstanding opportunities in the city itself. USF is San Francisco's first university, and its Jesuit Catholic mission helps ignite a student's passion for social justice and a desire to “Change the World From Here.”

A temporary position is an excellent opportunity to gain industry experience or get your foot in the door with an employer. It's a great way to network, pick up new skills and expand your resume.

Come work for us! We offer competitive pay, as well as SF Health and Sick benefits and 401(k) upon meeting the eligibility requirements.


For Student Teaching I, student teachers receive a minimum of two visits; for Student Teaching II/III, student receive a minimum of three visits. With the approval of the Field Director, additional visits and supervisory support may be provided to the individual student teacher.

There are three discrete elements that constitute an individual “visit” by a university supervisor:

1. Pre-visit conference: Prior to the on-site visit, students teachers provide their supervisors with a written lesson plan, which is reviewed by the supervisor, along with discussion and scheduling of the site visit. This correspondence is regularly communicated through emails, although there may be additional consultation by phone. (15-30 minutes)
2. On-site classroom observation: The supervisor conducts a full-period lesson observation in the classroom, with particular focus upon skills and competencies identified in the pre-visit conference (45 minutes - 1 hour).
3. Post-lesson conference: In most instances, this is conducted immediately following the lesson presented by the student teacher. Supervisor and student teacher review the lesson that was presented, noting both commendations and recommendations related to the student teacher's performance. During Student Teaching II/III, the Master Teacher is included in the conference for a minimum of three visits. The supervisor provides the student teacher with a written evaluation of the lesson (document is available in Chalk and Wire), as well as an agreed-upon focus for the following visit. (15-30 minutes).

In addition to the written assessment, supervisors regularly communicate about the progress of a student teacher to the Student Teaching seminar instructor, the Field Director, and the student's academic advisor. The supervisor may also be called upon to attend conferences with the Field Director, seminar instructor, and student teacher, when particular concerns about the student teacher's performance warrant.

Supervisors are expected to regularly attend semester meetings, convened by the Field Director, mileage reimbursement can be provided.

Evaluation: Each semester, the Field Director conducts routine evaluations of supervisors, based upon written evaluations/input from their assigned student teachers, and master teachers.


  • CA Clear Teaching or Administrative Credential in area of supervision
  • Minimum 5 years teaching or teaching/administrative experience
  • Additional experience as supervisor and/or administrator preferred
  • Letters of recommendation from K-12 CA school administrator
  • BCLAD supervisors must possess BCLAD credential
  • Review and approval by the Field Director / TED
  • Must have valid government issued drivers license
  • Be within a commutable distance of the Sacramento area school districts
  • Must pass a University-specific background check

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