Director of Instructional Design & Technology

The Director of Instructional Design & Technology (IDT) is responsible for the planning, development, coordination, and operation of the McCormick Center’s activities related to instructional design, technology, the Aim4Excellence initiative, and future Professional eLearning initiatives. The Director of IDT is responsible for the supervision of staff, oversight of vendors, and planning and management of related budgets.


• INSTRUCTIONAL DESIGN: Lead the instructional design of Professional eLearning Initiatives from inception to completion, including the oversight of content development, incorporation of research and best practices, and adaptation of face-to-face instructional materials for effective online delivery. Work to maximize enrollment and generate revenue for Professional eLearning Initiatives. Develop plans that align with the strategic plan, mission, and vision of the McCormick Center, and evaluate and incorporate feedback for continuous improvement planning and implementation. Ensure regulatory compliance associated with web- and technology-based learning environments, including 508 compliance and copyright laws. Keep current with course design strategies and contemporary learning models. Oversee eLearning systems, including LMS administration and user supports.
• TECHNOLOGY: Assist with the collection, analysis, and reporting of continuous improvement data. Determine appropriate technology infrastructure. Develop technology processes and protocols, and ensure system administration documentation is current. Establish McCormick Center’s technology vision and advise Executive Director and Leadership Team on all aspects of technology development. Lead projects to develop innovative uses of technology for research and learning. Oversee the rollout of new applications, manage and test all system upgrades, and develop communication plan for users. Oversee the technology needs of the McCormick Center, including growth of technology resources, inventory maintenance, and databases. Stay informed of educational technology research and remain current in trends and emerging technology.
• AIM4EXCELLENCE: Oversee the Aim4Excellence initiative, including the Help Desk and participant support. Oversee recruitment efforts, content refresh, and faculty of record functions. Oversee planning that will maximize enrollment growth and revenue generation for Aim4Excellence.
• MARKETING: The Director of IDT works with the Marketing Manager to coordinate, maintain, and improve marketing technology tool integration, including the McCormick Center’s website, customer relationship management (CRM) tool (Highrise), registration tools (Cvent and RegOnline), and email management system (EMS) (MailChimp). The Director works with the Marketing Manager to coordinate, maintain, and improve the integration between the Center’s learning management system (LMS) (SimplyDigi) and the CRM.
• LEADERSHIP TEAM: As a member of the Leadership Team, the Director of IDT with Executive Director, explores new funding opportunities and reviews grants. Assists with hiring decisions, strategic planning, and the development of marketing strategies. Reviews and edits Center materials. Provides insight into project decisions to leverage resources and promotes the financial stability of the Center. Helps promote a healthy organizational culture.
• Other duties as assigned.


10 years or more of previous experience required. Master’s Degree in Instructional Design, Instructional Technology, Educational Technology, or related field. Knowledge of early childhood development and early childhood leadership is preferred.