Cashiering Specialist

Position Summary

Provides support to all faculty, staff and students through fiscal transactions. This position supports all duties and activities in the Cashiering department by supporting Campus Recreation, Student Health Center, Testing Services and Extended Campus (adding new departments as needed) in all cashiering complications.
Position directly oversees the eMarket Storefront setup and the Veteran Affairs (VA) payments and refund process. Understanding basic sales tax rules and VA regulations are extremely important in this role.

Metropolitan State University of Denver is an equal opportunity employer.

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Position Title
Cashiering Specialist

Position Number
E 809

Salary for Announcement

The beginning of the salary range is $42,832. The final salary range will be commensurate with education and experience.

Employee Category


EClass Code
Full Time Administrators


35% Creating and Managing eMarket Storefronts
Position works with various departments and university organizations to create and maintain eMarket Storefronts. This position collects and researches items and/or services to be sold, while working with Accounting Services to verify the collections of sales tax and establish approved FOAPALs for deposits. Using CASHNet, position creates the look and feel of each store and establishes item codes to be used within the store. After the store has been created, position tests store before moving it to production for public use. Position creates appropriate report(s) based on the needs of the department or organization, trains department or organization on use of eMarket Storefront, and continues to assist with other questions/concerns, as needed.
Position must monitor activity of eMarket transactions through reconciliation of payments, issuing refunds, and correcting errors when necessary. If multiple errors occur, position has the authority to contact departments and suggest a different eMarket set up. Position is also responsible for deactivating stores/items when events end or are no longer available.

25% Posting and Refunding VA Payments
Using CASHNet, position is required to post all wire payments received from Accounting Services. These payments will mainly consist of Veteran Affairs (VA) payments, specifically Chapter 33. Position must maintain the program spreadsheet to ensure with all payments reconcile with the invoiced amount from Banner A/R. In the event that the student is paid more than they are entitled, position must identify why there is an overpayment, make adjustments to the appropriate accounts in Banner A\R and refund the appropriate entity.
Position researches, identifies, and solves problems with VA staff to clear VA debt letters by reconciling wire payments and refunds.
Position has the authority to remove registration holds and set up payment contracts for VA students when the VA has not paid their portion of the tuition and fees. This position also has the authority to advance refunds to the students while the school is waiting for VA payments. These decisions require extensive research and documentation, coordination with the University’s VA Office, the Department of Veteran Affairs, and with the student.
Position is required to be up-to-date with VA processes and regulations and must update supervisor of any changes.

15% Customer Service
Position provides customer service to all customers by serving as a front desk customer service representative. This includes processing payments, answering phones, assisting walk-in clientele, processing mail, reviewing reports, and other Cashier related tasks.
Position must be familiar with University rules, state statues, VA regulations, etc. in order to provide support for the office. Additionally, position must be familiar with the College Opportunity Fund (COF) process, reconciliation, Banner Student System and payment dates and deadlines, the University’s tuition and fee structure, and have experience negotiating payment arrangements to effectively assist students.

10% Cash Drawer Reconciliation
Position is required to balance their own cash drawer, reconcile and make adjustments to their session and/or batch (at times, this requires intensive research). Position must verify their deposit amounts, approve, and close their sessions in both the CASHNet and Banner systems. The position oversees work studies during their end of day proceedings which includes verification of cash deposits and closing their batches, after resolving discrepancies, if any.
Position is responsible for conducting weekly cash drawer audits for the department. This includes ensuring other users have the correct amount in their drawers. Position will work with supervisor to resolve any discrepancies that may arise.

10% Payments and Disbursements
The position determines debt and credit balances using the Banner A\R system. It is important that the position understand the cashiering system in order to effectively collect payments and is aware of the policies regarding different types of receivables collected. The position reviews a daily report of credits that have been recorded in the Banner A/R system that are pending issue. Position ensures that the credits are correct and that the students are in fact entitled to the refund. When errors are encountered, position will take the appropriate steps to ensure that the credit is not issued to the student until the process is completed.

5% Other duties as assigned.

Required Qualifications

1. Bachelor’s Degree in accounting, finance or other business related field.
2. At least 3 years of experience providing customer service to diverse populations.
3. Experience using CASHNet Cashiering or equivalent cashiering system
4. Experience reconciling monthly activity reports.
5. Error free written communication skills.

Preferred Qualifications

1. Experience in Higher Education.
2. Experience using the Banner, or an equivalent, system.
3. Experience using the CASHNet eMarket modules or equivalent online storefront system.
4. Prior experience or knowledge of Veterans Affairs (VA) Chapter 33 benefits and the rules and regulations regarding eligibility and payments.
5.Experience with the Colorado Opportunity Fund (COF).
6.Experience with Banner A/R or comparable system/module.

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Close on Closing Date

Special Instructions to Applicants

IMPORTANT: In order to be considered as an applicant you must apply via the online application system,

References refers to a list of three professional references and their contact information.

Official transcripts will be required of the candidate selected for hire.

This posting will close at midnight MST on the closing date.


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