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Aug 26, 2017
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Position Summary:

Reporting to the Board of Trustees, the President leads the campus community in creating and implementing a vision and strategy for the future of the College of Menominee Nation (CMN) that is responsive to the College’s mission and capitalizes on the professional and intellectual strengths of CMN’s staff and faculty.  Leading by example, the President fosters a strong sense of community and a commitment to higher learning.  He or she establishes and enhances partnerships and relationships among tribal and external entities that align with the College’s purpose and educational reputation, promote its sustainability, and serve its community.

Mission Statement:

The College of Menominee Nation’s mission is to provide opportunities in higher education to its students.  As an institution of higher learning chartered by the Menominee people, the College infuses this education with American Indian culture, preparing students for leadership, careers and advanced studies in a multicultural world.  As a land grant institution, the College is committed to research, promoting, perpetuating and nurturing American Indian culture, and providing outreach workshops and community service. 

Responsibilities of the President:

  • Assure that the direction and priorities of the institution continue to reflect and build upon the College’s mission
  • Establish and maintain a strong relationship with the Board of Trustees and its committees through engagement that includes but is not limited to strategic thinking/planning; development and review of programs and policies; analysis of the institution’s annual budget, and ongoing assessment of the financial health of the College.
  • Sustain and build upon the achievements of the College as an accredited baccalaureate institution of higher learning and a model tribal college.
  • Advocate effectively for the College with the Menominee Legislature and at tribal, local, state and federal levels; among CMN’s many constituencies, and in public media.
  • Advocate effectively with tribal, public and private school systems.
  • Enthusiastically engage in fund raising and resource development efforts.
  • Display the oral and written communication skills, personal demeanor and intellect to warrant the respect of tribal communities; peers in higher education; leadership in tribal, state, federal offices, and the chief executives of public and private sector organizations.  
  • Exemplify in his or her person a strong work ethic, confident decision making, and a value system that promotes a climate of trust, mutual respect, open inquiry and collaboration.
  • Commit to a requirement for strong credentials and high standards of performance from administrators, faculty and staff to ensure the persistence and success of students, effective stewarding of College resources, and the continued advancement of institutional reputation.
  • Embrace a full schedule of engagement with consortia, project partners, education associations, nonprofit boards, governmental representatives/agencies, etc., and the required travel for such.

Educational and Professional Requirements:   

  • Ph.D. or equivalent doctorate from an accredited institution of higher learning. If pending, evidence that it is to be earned within 18 months of appointment.
  • Five or more years of executive experience desired at or comparable to a top leadership position and with a record as a successful senior executive. Preferred experience in tribal, higher education and/or corporate organizations.
  • Career experience that demonstrates expertise in making data-driven decisions to direct organizations and in understanding the significance of data.
  • Career experience that provides evidence of strong financial, operational and human relations skills relevant to the sustainability and advancement of the College.
  • Educational or professional experiences that demonstrate a commitment to academic excellence and have contributed to a personal understanding of Native American culture and the applied research that addresses Native American culture.
  • The ability to be conversant on scholarship, pedagogy and Native American culture.

To Apply – Applications must include the following; incomplete submissions will not be accepted:

  1. A letter of interest that addresses the stated responsibilities of the President and requirements for applicants
  2. A current resume or curriculum vitae
  3. Proof that the stated degrees were earned at the listed institutions
  4. At least five professional references with full contact information and an indication of applicant’s relationship to/professional engagement with each reference

Posted May 15, 2017. The search remains open until the position is filled.

Written requests for confidentiality during the initial application process will be honored.Upon selection of a short list from among applicants, those chosen as candidates will be asked to respond to a questionnaire, invited to interviews and requested to offer a lecture to trustees, faculty and leadership of the College.Complete background checks will be conducted on all reaching the candidate stage.

Submit via       (if no auto-reply of receipt within 24 hours contact CMN HR)

Submit via USPS:  Ms. Rachel Tuma, Human Resources, College of Menominee Nation, GM 210, N172 State Hwy 47-55, P.O. Box 1179, Keshena WI 54311.

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