Director, Women's Educational Center and Ellen Bommarito LGBTQ Center

Flint, Michigan
Aug 23, 2017
Institution Type
Four-Year Institution

The University of Michigan–Flint invites visionary leaders who will champion advocacy, education, and policy on gender and sexual diversity, to apply for its Director, Women’s Educational Center (WEC) and Ellen Bommarito LGBTQ Center (EBC) position.


The Director is a key member of the Vice Chancellor for Campus Inclusion and Student Life (CISL)   leadership staff.  In support of the University’s vision, the Director will lead a team of Women’s Educational Center (WEC) staff and Ellen Bommarito LGBTQ Center (EBC) staff into a newly emerging single campus unit that serves the entire campus community but focuses on women and LGBTQIA+ students.  Reporting to the VC CISL, the Director will be expected to mobilize campus resources to create equity, inclusion and success; develop channels for advocacy and activism; support learning and research; insure student engagement; The Director will be expected to develop a structure and strategy to insure successful programming and services with measurable outcomes for all constituents.


About UM-Flint and the Flint Community


The University of Michigan-Flint serves over 8,500 learners and offers degrees in over 129 under- graduate and 63 graduate possible majors, concentrations and specializations, including a doctor of nursing practice and doctor of physical therapy. The University also offers programs in liberal arts and sciences, elementary or secondary education, health care, and business. The academic campus community is comprised of over 550 faculty members.


UM-Flint is a premier urban center for learning, research, and civic engagement. Chancellor Susan E. Borrego has a dynamic vision for UM-Flint that focuses on academic excellence, ensuring that a broadly diverse student body can benefit from the university’s educational offerings, and strengthening ties to the Flint community.


Guided by a strategic plan, Blue Ribbon Commission report for Academic Affairs, and supported by the combined energy and enthusiasm of its faculty, students, community, and leadership, the University has undergone a metamorphosis.  It recently approved its fifth school, the School of Nursing; added two new buildings to the campus, expanding its usable space by 25%; and took ownership of its second residence hall.


One of three campuses of the University of Michigan, UM-Flint's development in recent years has paralleled that of its host city. Flint, population approximately 100,000 located about 60 miles north of Detroit, is in the midst of a similarly profound transformation. Although the city is best known as the birthplace of General Motors, shifts in industry have caused the area to become bet- ter known for its educational opportunities, cultural centers, medical facilities, shopping centers, and recreational activities.  Visitors who return to the city after several years are amazed at the ongoing transformation, and UM-Flint has played a central role in the progress the city has made.


Located near the campus is the Flint Cultural Center comprised of nine institutions: Sloan Museum (history and science), Longway Planetarium, Flint Youth Theatre, Whiting Auditorium, Flint Institute of arts (second largest museum in the state and art education), Flint Institute of Music (Flint Sympho- ny Orchestra and the School of Performing Arts) and the Flint Public Library. Mott Community Col- lege is also adjacent to this complex.


The University's  new Director, Women’s Educational Center (WEC) and Ellen Bommarito LGBTQ Center (EBC), therefore,  will  contribute not only to  the  continuing development of an outstanding educational institution, but to the renewal of the city and the region itself.  Accomplishing this will require  a leader with  unimpeachable credentials,  a compassionate spirit, a compelling and collaborative leadership style that inspires and motivates, and a  track record for  getting  things done.




The Director, Women’s Educational Center (WEC) and Ellen Bommarito LGBTQ Center (EBC) will be responsible for:


  • Managing the day-to-day operation of the Women’s Educational Center (WEC) and the Ellen Bommarito LGBTQ Center (EBC), including staff training, supervision and evaluation, and support of gender-related initiatives.
  • Guiding the integration of the Ellen Bommarito LGBTQ Center (EBC) and the WEC into a single unit that serves and supports a spectrum of issues and experiences related to gender and sexuality;
  • Supporting substantive restructuring of the WEC/EBC Advisory Board to align it with the new vision and needs of the center;
  • Exercising responsibility for VAWA-related compliance as it relates to students and serving as a recognized Campus Security Authority under the Clery Act;
  • Overseeing programming, program publicity campaigns, and events and services;
  • Overseeing department’s grant writing and grant execution;
  • Overseeing administration of Critical Differences grants to help address student financial crises.
  • Producing programs that support women and LGBTQIA+ students with an inclusive approach that highlights intersectionality and the complexity of lived experience;
  • Developing and leading staff in their development and implementation of programming related to prevention of, and education about, gender violence and sexual assault;
  • Collaborating to plan, organize, manage, and produce programs that highlight cultural, gender, and LGBTQIA+ diversity and generational differences within the campus community;
  • Partnering with faculty to implement the WEC/EBC Faculty Fellow Program and other programming drawing upon faculty academic expertise;
  • Collaborating with the Women’s and Gender Studies program, as appropriate;
  • Informing the WEC/EBC Advisory Board regarding the work of the WEC/EBC, solicit Board feedback and input, and collaborating to incorporate faculty vision and guidance in programming and service support activities;
  • Meeting regularly with the WEC/EBC Advisory Board Executive Committee and collaborate with the EC in developing Board agenda and the Board meeting schedule;
  • Attending all Advisory Board Meetings;
  • Partnering fully and meeting regularly with colleagues in the division of Campus Inclusion and Student Life;
  • Participating in the University of Michigan-Flint Women’s Commission and provide leadership that promotes more inclusive policies and practices within the institution;
  • Developing and implementing a comprehensive departmental assessment plan that includes key performance indicators and cohort tracking;
  • Recommending modifications to programs or services, based upon evaluation of unit and efficacy in meeting constituent needs and satisfaction;
  • Recommending modifications to programs or services, based upon evaluation of larger demographic or cultural trends.

*A larger description of the job responsibilities, required qualifications, application timeline and how to apply can be found at url:


The posting will be open for 60 days with an end date of 9-15-2017. For best considerations, please apply as soon as possible. Questions can be directed to the University Human Resources Office at (810) 762-3150 or via email through