Aug 23, 2017
Institution Type
Four-Year Institution
Job Summary This position is grant-funded for a year and may be renewed for up to a total of two years. The individual will participate in an epigenomics project to investigate whether stress memory persists through vegetative propagation. Primary duties will be greenhouse plant care, including propagation, weeding, fertilization, pest control, experimental logistics, stress treatments, tissue sampling and record keeping. Additional duties may involve assistance with routine laboratory work, such as plant tissue culture, transformation, tissue processing, nucleic acid purification, metabolite profiling analysis, data entry, and equipment maintenance. This individual is also expected to assist with outreach and workshop activities when appropriate. Greenhouse work conditions will include hot humid weather, inclement weather and unusual/flexible work hours for time-sensitive experiments. Minimum Qualifications Associate's degree and some relevant experience required. Area-specific certification may be required and training will be provided as appropriate (i.e. UGA HazMat training).