Aug 23, 2017
Institution Type
Four-Year Institution
Job Summary This job will require training new students (high school, undergraduate and graduate students) as well as new research technicians. This person will manage a laboratory by ordering consumables required for research activities as well as maintain laboratory stocks. They will also maintain laboratory equipment and coordinate repairs when failures occur. This person will also plant seeds and maintain plants in the growth room including maintaining a pest free growth room. Lastly, this person will prepare next-generation sequencing libraries and perform data management of sequenced runs including basic analyses including alignments. This position requires the ability to design, analyze and interpret data. One major goal of this research position is to identify protein: DNA interactions in a scale-able manner. This person needs to be familiar with DAP-seq, in vitro transcription and translation protocols as well as protein purification, immunoprecipitation as well as submission of sequencing samples to the GGF. This person will then be responsible for downloading of data as well as alleging data to a reference genome and identify protein: DNA interactions including their DNA motifs. Minimum Qualifications Bachelor's degree and no experience or equivalent combination required. Area-specific certification may be required and training will be provided as appropriate (i.e. UGA HazMat training).