Jersey City, New Jersey
Aug 21, 2017
Institution Type
Four-Year Institution


Responds to calls from districts, parents, and agencies regarding information about type of school, classifications, programs, enrollment procedures, staff and faculty qualifications etc.

Review all information received from a school district concerning a placement request for a student.

Determine if child is appropriate for AHM.

Determine if we have a class for the student.

Determine if data sent is appropriate -  if further data is needed inform the district.

Summarize materials, complete an internal admissions form.

Conducts tours of the school.

Meet with Principal to discuss concerns or questions about child’s placement.

Should the determination be that the student is not appropriate for AHM – advise Principal.

After Principal reviews file and approves placement, make 2 copies of all data, one for medical and one for main office.

Inform classroom teacher and present materials to him/her for their review.

Should the medical department need further data or have difficulty contacting a parent, serve as a liaison with district and medical department.

Notify office of time of appointment for child so office folder can be prepared.

Once child is approved by the doctor, meet with parents, give necessary information, indicate appropriate contact people in the school and take child and parents if possible, to see class and teacher.  If child is in need of a wheelchair, make the necessary internal arrangements.

Contact sending school district to inform them of the child’s acceptance at AHM and request that they establish transportation.

Establish the appropriate therapies for the student once he/she begins school.

Develop individual, therapeutic student schedules incorporating the following faculty members:

  1. Physical Therapists
  2. Occupational Therapists
  3. Speech Pathologists

Arrange appropriate bussing and necessary paperwork on student/ emergency contacts, consent forms, etc.


Maintain education records on students attending AHM.

Keep a record of re-evaluation and IEP dates.

Inform school districts when a re-evaluation of a student is due.

Supply necessary educational and medical reports that are requested by districts.

Secure teacher reports if requested by districts or for re-evaluations.

Coordinate meeting times for child study team members. Establish meeting times and notify appropriate personnel needed in attendance.

Ensure that all necessary paperwork is ready and available for the meeting.

Coordinate the implementation of services, therapies, or programs established by IEP and re-evaluation meetings.

Inform school districts if we feel a change in a child’s program is necessary such as a shared time program or a class change; or if there is a change in a child’s status such as hospitalization.


Establish staffing’s concerning students.  This would result from a request from the principal, teacher, therapist, or a nurse.

Notify the appropriate persons to attend the meeting.

Conduct and monitor meetings.

Follow-up staffing’s appropriately.

Keep principal informed of pertinent information and results of staffing’s.


Pupil Services is one of the most important departments of the school.  One of its most important functions is communications.  Much of the information about students that comes to the school goes to this department and the communication process begins there.  We establish meetings, notify faculty about new reports, often serve as liaison between parents and faculty, parents and bus companies, parents and Child Study Teams.  The coordinator’s responsibility is to see that procedures are established to make sure that this communication process is ongoing and doesn’t break down.


Generate and maintain a listing of students, their bus routes, and their transporters on file.

Work with district transportation personnel to make sure each student has an appropriate vehicle for transportation.

 Inform parents of Bus Company’s name and telephone number.

 Serve as coordinator between parents and districts to deal with complaints and problems.

 Contact districts when students are not picked up or have some problem with bus personnel.

 Contact appropriate transportation personnel when there is a change of address for a student or a new student has been approved for AHM.

 Notify personnel at AHM who handle arrival and dismissal duty of any changes in buses, student’s address, or new students to be picked up.

 Notify administrators of student behavior complaints from bus companies.


Gather necessary statistics concerning students, and classifications, districts, and services for state reports.

Complete the State Aid Application report required by the County Superintendent’s office each year.  Attend meetings to verify information with sending school districts.

Complete various state reports or provide information as needed by the assistant principal for other state reports.

Work with administrators through Department of Education monitoring process.

Work with administrators to establish, formulate, and implement school plan.

Assume responsibility for specific areas of the plan.  Establish needs, set goals, determine objectives, and develop time lines and evaluative criteria.


Maintain a knowledge of academic status of students attending AHM.  Use this information with factors such as intelligence, age, and social-emotional status of students to determine a plan for class placement each year.

Analyze this information and use it to make recommendations for reorganization of classes.

Present a plan to the principal.

Work with classroom teachers to get their input regarding groupings.

After reorganization is complete, prepare a print out of a school reorganization for faculty and distribute.


Secure appropriate number of registers needed from the county office.

Establish and in-service program for teachers.  Review the appropriate steps to follow in completing the registers.

Each month collect registers, check each to make sure it is correct and balances with attendance reports, generate necessary statistics, separate attendance reports by districts, make sure all totals balance and have attendance reports sent to their appropriate districts.

 At end of term, compile necessary statistics, prepare report and give to principal for signature.  Principal sends report to state.


Gather enrollment information necessary for reporting to the Business Services Department for the purpose of bulling school districts outside of Jersey City.

Keep information current and update when necessary.\Insure the maintenance of SEMIS for the districts.


Work with social worker and therapist(s) as part of a team approach.  Very often we must meet with the principal, faculty and staff and try to solve problems or find services when students are having difficulties.  Communicate and at times work closely with such agencies as Division of Family Services and the Commission for the Blind.

When there are difficulties concerning a student and alternate placement is a consideration, the coordinator will conduct the appropriate meetings with faculty, internal team, administrators and district Child Study Team to resolve the situation.


 Assist with the formulation of snow emergency phone contacts.  Participate in the decision making of school closings.  Contact faculty, staff, bus companies, and bus drivers in the event that school must be closed due to inclement weather.


 Coordinator works very closely with the principal.  The coordinator will establish, attend and conduct meetings as assigned by the principal.  Also the coordinator will take on additional assignments as requested by the principal.

Coordinator has a number of rolls during a fire drill or evacuation procedures.

Coordinator has established a Pre School Committee to serve a special roll for new children and parents who enter building for the first time.  The members take turns serving as hosts to our new pre-schoolers and their parents.

Coordinator will often follow up absences of students if there is no known medical reason for their absence.

Orders and uses EPRO for school related purchases.

Assists in the coordination of special events and activities (Turkey Bingo, Prom, etc)

Assist students and families in crisis.

Organizes assigned work, and develops appropriate methods for meeting goals and objectives.

Reviews and evaluates workload and process; develops and implements improved methods as required.

Provides budget recommendations for area activities.

Analyzes and interprets applicable principles, federal and/or

State laws and regulations in the course of official duties.

Assists in the interview of prospective subordinate staff members, and provides recommendations concerning selection.

Establishes liaison and maintains cooperative working  relationships with other community organizations and universities.

Prepares clear, technically sound, accurate, and informative reports containing findings, conclusions, and recommendations.

Prepares correspondence in the course of official duties. Thank you and support letters.

Evaluates schedules of events  recommends changes as indicated.

Maintains essential records and files.

Conducts research; compiles and analyzes statistical, financial, and other data.

Develops materials for publications.

Represents the A. Harry Moore School at conferences, meetings, and seminars.

 Works with all interns, practicum students, volunteers and visitors on fulfilling the demonstration/laboratory component of the school.

 Troubleshoots issues with all faculty and staff on Human resource related matters.

Education/ Requirements:

Master's degree and three to four years of higher education experience.




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