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Aug 21, 2017
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Job Summary:  Haverford College seeks to hire a full time, non-exempt, fully benefits eligible Registered Nurse. The College Health Registered Nurse provides emergency and routine care for illness and injury as defined in the protocols authorized by the Medical Director.

Majority Primary Function:

  • Obtain medical history
  • Assess physical health and triage as necessary.
  • Initiate plan of care for illnesses/injury focusing on prevention, recognition and early treatment; dispense all treatments and medications according to protocols (MD signed standing orders.)
  • Provide First Aid treatment for illness or injury.
  • Refer to college physician, nurse practitioner, Women’s Health Coordinator; Coordinate Ortho/Nutritionist/Substance Abuse Educator and/or outside resources when appropriate.
  • Initiate confidential health counseling and provide teaching
  • Perform basic diagnostic/laboratory testing according to the laboratory procedure manual. i.e., urine dips, pregnancy tests, quick strep test, and mono test; collect and send specimens to outside lab.
  • Perform venipunctures.
  • Demonstrate lab proficiency testing annually.
  • Expedite emergency procedures as directed in protocols.
  • Responsible for Allergy clinic.
  • Assist college physicians with examination and treatments.
  • Maintain supply/inventory of prescriptions, pharmaceutical materials, furnishings and equipment.
  • Call prescriptions/clinic supplies to Merricks Pharmacy, any outside pharmacy
  • Perform mini-neb, pulse ox, peak flow, eye flush and staining, ear lavage, PPD testing, injections, suture removal , and Epi Pen administration
  • Identify the immunization protocols and administer immunizations with consents correctly

Other Essential Responsibilities:

  • Stock medical supplies and equipment, check expiration dates.
  • Maintain Universal Precautions when handling all blood and body fluids
  • Routine check of treatment equipment and trays
  • Restock Cold Center daily
  • Maintain security of building, activate alarm
  • Run laboratory controls
  • Perform control drug count.
  • Perform proper disposal of all linens that are contaminated with blood or body fluids;  double bag in red/orange bags marked with the biohazards sign then placed in the large plastic red containers marked with biohazard waste labels in the Morris Health Services basement for monthly medical waste pickup
  • Maintain and update annual physical examination forms and student’s EMR
  • Maintain confidentiality
  • Proficient computer data entry
  • Practice guidelines regarding release of medical records and information


Education, Training, & Experience:

  •  Three to five years’ of experience as a Registered Nurse required
  • Bachelors of Science in nursing or higher degree from an accredited school or college of nursing
  • Experience working in a higher education setting highly preferred
  • Currently licensed in state of Pennsylvania as a registered nurse
  • CPR certified, proficient in lab testing, drawing blood, administering immunizations and allergy injections
  • Experience in care of young adults, primary care, physical exam of adolescents
  • Possession of, or ability to obtain and maintain PA Act 153 Child Abuse Clearances

Physical Demands and Environmental Conditions Required of this Position:

  • Lifting (to exert strength to move objects from one place to another):
  • Sedentary Lifting: (0-10 pounds): Up to three hours
  • Light Lifting (10-20 pounds): Up to three hours
  • Moderate Lifting (20-50 pounds): Never
  • Heavy Lifting (50 to 100 pounds): Never
  • Pulling (to exert force upon an abject to move or change its direction: Up to three hours
  • Pushing (to draw an object toward oneself to move or change its direction): Up to three hours
  • Carrying (to hold objects while moving entire body): Up to three hours
  • Reaching or working above shoulder (to extend arms upward or outward away from body): Up to three hours
  • Walking (to move entire body in erect position): Up to three hours
  • Standing (to maintain body in erect posture in stationary position): Up to three hours
  • Sitting (to rest weight on buttocks and back of thighs with legs bent at knees): Up to three hours
  • Crouching/Stooping (to bend upper body forward while fully flexing knees): Up to three hours Kneeling (to maintain upper body in erect position while resting knees on ground): Never
  • Climbing (to ascend or descent heights using ladders, scaffolding, stairs, poles, inclined surfaces): Never
  • Twisting (to rotate upper body while feet remain stationary): Never
  • Driving (operating a motor vehicle, crane, tractor, forklift, etc.): Never
  • Exposure Limitation (i.e., cold water, dust, gas, fumes, medical waste and contaminants, extreme temperatures): Up to three hours

To Apply:

Internal Applicants: Please visit$158872/9925$38.htmld

External Applicants: Please visit

For full consideration, please apply by Tuesday, August 29, 2017.


Haverford College has a longstanding commitment to diversity rooted in values of inclusion and social justice, a commitment reflected in the academic program, lived experience, and composition of the College community. Haverford welcomes applications from candidates who share these values and who will contribute to the College’s educational mission.

Haverford College is an Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity Employer.

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