Aug 15, 2017
Institution Type
Four-Year Institution

Duties: Responsible for working closely with PI Voight, members of the Voight Lab, and collaborators in the oversight and execution of experimental wet-lab, computational genomics, and related scientific activities. Key areas of responsibility include: oversight, maintenance, and management of the Voight wet-lab experimental space, computational analyses of large-scale human genomic resequencing data sets for cardiometabolic traits and diseases, computational de novo genome assembly and annotation of the genomes and transcriptomes of new arachnid species, wet-lab library construction of multiple types of high-throughput sequencing strategies (e.g., PacBio, Illumina, chromatin capture) with associated wet-lab finishing work to complete genomes, experimental data generation for library-free sequencing protocols (i.e., Molecular Inversion Probe) in a large number of samples. Related scientific activities include facilitation and leadership in writing of grants, funding proposals, and manuscripts, leading interactions with collaborators for ongoing projects, attending and presenting at scientific meetings, and assistance in supervising/mentoring new students to the lab.
Position is contingent on continued funding.

Qualifications: PhD and 5 to 7 years of postdoctoral biomedical research are required. A minimum of 3 years of wet-lab bench experience and dry-lab computational experience required.

Reference Number: 40-26626

Salary Grade: RES

Employment Type: Exempt

Org: PH-Pharmacology

Special Requirements:

Job Family: I-Technical/Professional Research

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