Aug 15, 2017
Institution Type
Four-Year Institution
Job Summary The individual will primarily be involved with two projects. Field-work associated with the first project will include documenting avian use of an airport facility and nearby habitats using routine (weekly) intense bird-survey techniques executed from before sunrise to after sunset, directing bird-abatement programs, and possibly including aerial surveys for birds. The second project includes periodic live-capturing birds (primarily mist nets) associated with coastal dredge impoundments, banding sentinel species, and collecting non-lethal blood samples, as well as preparation of samples and avian food (insects and seeds) for eventual chemical analysis. The individual will also be responsible for extensive data entry, proofing, summarization, and interpretation for both projects. These duties will require some level of experience in the use of statistical software and report/manuscript preparation. Interactions with funding agency representatives to report findings may be included. Minimum Qualifications Bachelor's degree and no experience or equivalent combination required. Area-specific certification may be required and training will be provided as appropriate (i.e. UGA HazMat training).