Aug 10, 2017
Position Type
Institution Type
Four-Year Institution
Job Summary A postdoctoral research scientist who is a highly motivated, dependable, detail-oriented self-starter with excellent communications skills is sought to manage the Materials Innovation Center (MIC) at UGA. The MIC is a prototyping center which assists entrepreneurs in transitioning their technologies from the lab into industry-relevant products with a wide range of technologies emerging from various engineering and materials science areas. The successful candidate will manage day-to-day operations of the MIC within the Innovation Gateway, UGA's technology commercialization group, and will report to the head of the Startup Program. This role will involve experimental design, equipment sourcing and supervision, and the supervision of any contract technicians employed to carry out the experiments. In this role, you will mentor early stage startups and play a key role in the I-Corps customer discovery process. The role requires an ability to liaise between users of the facility and UGA faculty whose expertise they need; assistance with documentation of know-how; and production of standard operating procedures for the MIC; along with detailed record keeping and tracking MIC usage and impact; in pursuit of the overall goal of helping MIC users achieve proof-of-concept. The successful candidate will have experience in a wide range of physical sciences and engineering, be enthusiastic and inquisitive, knowledgeable about a wide range of experimental protocols and have an interest in the translation of scientific discoveries into products and companies. Minimum Qualifications Refer to Education, Experience, Licensure, Certification required.