Job Summary The University of Georgia animal care and use program is on the move. We are looking for a great veterinarian to join us in our growing AAALAC-accredited program. Specifically, we are seeking applications and nominations to engage a full-time clinical veterinarian for University Research Animal Resources (URAR) to primarily support our Nonhuman Primate Core Facility. UGA URAR supports a broad variety of activities using diverse species; provides facilities which include a large ABSL3/BSL3-Ag facility, rodent barrier/containment, rabbit, amphibian, aquaculture, agricultural and nonhuman primate areas; and promotes continuous development of a high-quality, service-oriented research resource that provides optimal animal care. Duties will focus on supporting the Nonhuman Primate Core Facility and will include providing veterinary care; performing diagnostic and research-related procedures, serving as an alternate member of the IACUC; participating in training investigators, research staff, and URAR professionals; assuring compliance with applicable policy, guidelines, and laws; consulting with faculty on the development of research projects; and mentoring and instructing veterinary externs and residents as part of an emerging academic comparative medicine program based in the College of Veterinary Medicine. Minimum Qualifications 1. DVM or equivalent degree from an accredited college of veterinary medicine 2. License to practice veterinary medicine in the United States 3. Experience working with macaques 4. Agree to enroll in the Occupational Health program and keep up to date with all required vaccinations based on research being conducted at all facilities 5. The ability to communicate clearly and concisely with colleagues, supervised URAR professionals, and other stakeholders