SHRA Budget Analyst

Requisition Number S1291

Position Number 014210

Position Classification Title Budget Analyst

Functional Title SHRA Budget Analyst

Position Type Staff

Position Summary

Financial Planning & Budgets coordinates the preparation of the biennial budget request and administers those budgets when approved. The office also administers budgets for auxiliary operations, the Chancellor's allocation of unrestricted gifts and investment income, student fees and overhead receipts. The office plays an integral role in the issuance of bonds to finance self-supporting construction projects and prepares financial projections for auxiliary operations and student fees.

The budgetary administration of state and trust accounts are administered under state budget policy. The nature of each account type determines whether formal budgetary controls are required. Ultimate responsibility for accountability, administration and control of all budgets has been delegated by the Chancellor to the Vice Chancellor for Business Affairs.

1. Maintaining SHRA Position Control
2. Managing the Dual Employment Process
3. Reconciliation of Banner HR and Banner Finance
4. Managing Position Overdrafts
5. Budget Revisions and Budget Transfers
6. Cross Functional Responsibilities

Minimum Qualifications

Bachelor's degree in public administration, business administration, accounting, or related discipline; or equivalent combination of training and experience. All degrees must be received from appropriately accredited institutions.

Preferred Qualifications

5-7 years higher education experience
Proficient with Excel
Familiar with Banner ERP System

Alternate Option

If no applicants apply who meet the required competency level and training & experience requirements, then management may consider other applicants. Salary would be determined based on competencies, equity, budget, and market considerations.

Special Instructions to Applicants

Applicants must complete and submit an electronic application for employment to be considered. Resumes will not be accepted in lieu of completing an electronic application. The application must be completed in full detail for your qualifications to be considered.

Applicants are required to upload the following documents with their electronic application:

  • Cover Letter

Applicants are required to upload a list of references of least three (3) professional references that includes:

Company Name,
Type of reference (Professional, Supervisor, Colleague, Academic or Personal). One (1) of those references will need to be a current or previous supervisor.
Email Address
Contact Phone Number

Applications are not successfully submitted until an online confirmation number has been received at the end of the application process.

Recruitment Range $52,997- $58,886

Org #-Department Financial Planning & Budgets - 56203

Work Hours of Position 8 A.M - 5 P.M, M-F

Job Family Administrative and Managerial

Band Budget Analyst

Competency Level Journey

2-4 key competencies for successful execution of job duties, including chosen level definition:

Knowledge - Professional - Full professional knowledge to complete tasks. Ability to perform a variety of tasks and functions that involve related or varying processes. Ability to analyze and determine various courses of actions and appropriate services. Ability to solve a variety of problems that require the examination of data and processes to determine the best course(s) of action.

Analytical Thinking - Ability to analyze issues and problems and propose solutions which are consistent with the agency's priorities and financial resources. Ability to use tools to identify meaningful patterns or relationships and draw conclusions about the meaning of the data. Ability to ask clarifying questions and probe for relevant information. Ability to identify cause and effect of problems. Ability to look at underlying problems for solution. Ability to collect, relate, associate, or compare data to identify options/alternatives. Ability to approach a complex task or problem by breaking it down into its component parts and considering each part in detail.

Client/Customer Service - Ability to anticipate, identify, and understand customer's service needs. Ability to identify options, develop solutions, and take action when responding to customer needs. Ability to keep customers informed of progress. Ability to remain accessible when balancing multiple priorities. Ability to assess or check with customer to ensure solution meets needs. Ability to develop relationships/partnerships with internal/external customers.

Decision Making - Ability to recognize issues, problems, or opportunities and determine what action is needed. Ability to gather available information and select option best suited to the situation. Ability to make determinations by interpreting and/or incorporating federal/state laws and regulations and Administrative Procedure Act (APA) rules that impact programs/activities, local government, or the public. Ability to consult with management if decisions have organizational and/or public impact. Ability to consider impact on productivity and service delivery. Ability to consider short and long term impact of decisions.

Organizational Sensitivity - Knowledge of the primary duties/purpose of the work unit and how the unit contributes to accomplishing the goals of the organization. Knowledge of how individual decisions impact the achievement of the organization's goals. Ability to consider how one's actions affect the public view of the organization. Ability to consider how one's interactions with customers reflect the organization's goals.

Communication - Ability to clarify the purpose and importance of information. Ability to explain information in understandable terms for non-technical staff. Ability to ensure that major points follow a logical sequence. Ability to seek input, listen, and check for mutual understanding. Ability to ask for clarification as needed. Ability to present information, considering the impact of the information on procedures, policies, organizational objectives, and the agency. Ability to advise and consult with others to ensure accuracy and appropriateness of communications.

Open Date 08/01/2017

Close Date 08/15/2017

Job Close Date

Type of Appointment 1.0 (Full-Time)

FLSA Exempt

Salary Grade Equivalency 76

Number of Months per Year 12

Applicant Documents
Required Documents
  1. Cover Letter
Optional Documents
  1. Resume/CV
  2. List of References

Posting Specific Questions

Required fields are indicated with an asterisk (*).

  1. * Which of the following options best describes your higher education history?
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    • Bachelor's Degree or higher in a directly related field
    • Bachelor's Degree or higher in an unrelated field
    • Associate's Degree in a directly related field
    • Associate's Degree in an unrelated field
    • 3 years
    • 2 years
    • 1 year
    • less than 1 year
    • High School Diploma or GED
  2. * How many years of experience in a directly related field do you have?
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    • 6 or more years
    • 5 years
    • 4 years
    • 3 years
    • 2 years
    • 1 year
    • 4 months
    • less than 4 months
  3. * Please indicate how you learned of the vacant position for which you are applying:
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    • Piedmont Triad Area Newspaper
    • The Chronicle of Higher Education
    • Inside Higher Ed
    • Other professional journal / website
    • UNC School System Job Board
    • Personal Networking
    • Facebook
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    • Other
  4. If you selected "Other", please provide the name of the resource here.

    (Open Ended Question)

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