Aug 03, 2017
Institution Type
Four-Year Institution
Job Summary The main focus of the position is the development of extensions (plugins) for our glycomics data processing software platform (GRITS Toolbox) to enable the processing and interpretation of mass spectrometric (MS) data of specially derivatized glycopeptides. GRITS Toolbox is a Java standalone Eclipse RCP application currently focusing on MS data from released glycan structures. The planned extensions will expand the scope of the application beyond released glycans into the field of glyco-conjugates. Tasks for the work are the implementation of: (1) a plugin for the de novo generation of glycopeptide structures based on user criteria; (2) MS interpretation algorithm for glycopeptide structures; (3) functionality for the customization of the interpretation algorithm based on rules for different MS instruments; and (4) graphical user interfaces for the interpretation, visualization and post processing of the results. The developed plugins will seamlessly integrate with the GRITS main application and communicate with other plugins to reuse existing functionality and extract metadata from other plugins. This work will require a close interaction with lab personnel, who will perform the wet-lab experiments, as well as collaboration with the members of the GRITS Toolbox development team. Minimum Qualifications SEE IT MATRIX