Accounts Receivable Supervisor (Medical Billing)

World Evolve, Inc.
Miami, FL
Aug 01, 2017
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Job Description

Description: This is an accounts receivable and billing position. Candidate would work for a business administration company as a supervisor. Candidate would be responsible for bookkeeping, medical billing, and payroll. Candidate, if hired, would manage a team of medical billers and bookkeepers on a day to day basis. Candidate would also be required to substitute for accounting and billing team members in the event of a transitions. Company will train on basic operations of the department. Candidate would supervise department and take care of customers. Candidate would be exposed to all areas of the business during company meetings and would interact daily with case managers and human resource professionals.

This job is ideal for individuals desiring to work in a stable business/healthcare organization while supervising a team of 4-6 people. This job provides a lot of autonomy allowing the candidate to supervise as they see fit.

Job Mission: The mission of the Accounts Receivable Supervisor is to ensure that the finance department accomplishes its mission.

Department Mission: The mission of the Finance department is to provide billing and accounting services internally and to organizations in the community in order to support organizational missions, in an accurate, timely, cost effective, and ethical manner.

Job Status & Salary:
  • Worker Status: Full time Employee
  • Salary: $40,000-50,000/Year
  • Bonuses: Performance Management Structure (TBD)

Job Measures:
  1. Provide billing and accounting services
    1. # of organizations providing contracted services for
    2. % of outstanding claims 30-90 days
    3. % of outstanding claims over 90 days
    4. # of checks bounced
  2. Support organizational missions
    1. Client satisfaction scores
    2. Client's clients satisfaction scores
  3. Accurate
    1. % of payroll errors
    2. % of reports submitted accurately
    3. # of errors in financial statements
    4. # of errors in 1099s
  4. Timely
    1. # of times payroll is completed on time
    2. # of financial statements sent to accountants on time
    3. # of 1099s sent to contractors on time
    4. % of bills paid on time
    5. # of times payroll is completed on time
    6. # of financial statements sent to accountants on time
    7. # of 1099s sent to contractors on time
    8. % of bills paid on time
  5. Cost effective
    1. Amount of revenue brought in
    2. Amount of departmental costs above projected budget
  6. Ethics
    1. # of company handbook violations
  7. Reports List
    1. Aging Reports
    2. Insurance Totals
    3. 30 days or more
    4. AvMed, CMS & Psychcare
    5. Client Monthly Budget
    6. Client Annual Budget
    7. Departmental Budgets (Finance & HR)
    8. Estimates for future billing
    9. Accounts payable reports
    10. Accounts receivable reports

  • Education
    • Degree seeking (Majoring in related field)
    • Bachelor's degree (Or higher) in healthcare administration
  • Experience
    • Supervisory Experience ***Required***
    • Worked in a healthcare setting (Preferred)
    • Worked in a doctor's office (Preferred)
    • Worked in office setting (Preferred)
  • Key Competencies
    • Quickbooks fluency ***Required***
    • Able to work independently ***Required***
    • Thorough and detailed ***Required***
    • Fluency in Spanish (Preferred)

Microsoft office fluency is a plus (Word, Excel, Powerpoint)

Company Description
Company provides business administration services to the community and has one large client. Primary services we provide are case management, credentialing, recruitment, payroll, medical billing, and collections.

Miami, FL


Mon, 31 Jul 2017 13:06:59 PDT