General Manager

Harwood International
Dallas, TX
Jul 29, 2017
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Job Description

Originally built in 1927, the historic school has been transformed into a modern environment that boasts the largest garden patio in Dallas and is consistently voted as "Best Patio in Dallas" by D Magazine and "Best Outdoor Dining" by OpenTable. The restaurant's refined yet casual atmosphere and extensive menu has made it a favorite among patrons.

It is open Monday through Friday for lunch, every day for dinner and drinks, and brunch on Saturday and Sunday. The first level of the two-story red brick building is Saint Ann Restaurant & Bar and the second level is The Ann and Gabriel Barbier-Mueller Museum: The Samurai Collection. Saint Ann Restaurant & Bar is located at Moody and Harwood at 2501 N. Harwood St., Dallas, Texas 75201. The venue was designed by Laura Lleal and developed by Harwood International.

Summary of position

The Restaurant General Manager is responsible for the operational efficiency and profitability of a Restaurant unit of HH Division. He/she manages his/her unit within the core values, policies and guidelines of the company to ensure customer total satisfaction and loyalty, employee full engagement and profit maximization.

Key accountabilities

The primary accountabilities for this position include:

  • Monitors and coordinates the day to day operations of his/her unit during each shift, and ensures all FOH and BOH SOP's (including HACCP) are duly followed and fully executed.
  • Is visible, hands on, and ensures a strong personal presence in FOH (mainly during peak hours) and BOH areas. Whenever needed, takes an active part in guest's service duties (welcoming guests, escorting guests to tables, taking guest's orders, clearing tables, etc.)
  • Effectively forecasts restaurant's needs
  • Oversees preparation of food and beverage items
  • Ensures his/her unit is adequately staffed with properly trained associates to cover day to day operations as well as on special occasions/events
  • Ensures a spotless service is delivered to all guests anytime, and that their needs and expectations are fulfilled to the highest level and down to the smallest details.
  • Ensures guests orderings are always properly executed and delivered in a timely manner
  • Takes part in his/her unit menu design process and in the menu pricing policy
  • Ensure his unit is well maintained and that all equipment, materials and utensils are always in perfect working conditions. Arrange for maintenance and repair of equipment and other services. Reports any defect to DOO

Guest's relationships
  • Makes sure each and every guest is given a warm welcome and a fond farewell
  • Makes sure service team memorizes guest's names and uses guest's names in every guest interaction.
  • Meets and greets guests, builds strong guests relationships, constantly inquires about guest's satisfaction,
  • Makes sure his/her service team inquires ad memorizes guests preferences and birthday dates, and records these data in the guests database
  • Constantly updates guests database and maintains it as an effective marketing and PR tool
  • Empowers his team to resolves guest's concerns in a timely manner to their full satisfaction. Resolves any guest issue that could be not be handled by his direct reports.
  • Learns from defects and incidents and implement resolutions to ensure they do not happen again. Makes sure guests issues are recorded. Reports on guests issues to DOO
  • Monitors guest's comments on social media (Facebook, Trip Advisor, etc.) and gives appropriate feedback

Employee management, engagement & training
  • Always manages/leads by example. Takes accountability for problems
  • Schedules work hours for servers and kitchen* staff (*together with Head Chef de Cuisine)
  • Delegates and follows-up effectively
  • Energizes HH Division mission statement and core values among his/her team
  • Makes sure all his/her associates are perfectly groomed and always behave according to HH codes of practice, image and core values.
  • Provides overall leadership; recognize and motivate members of the team; coach and train the team for operational excellence, with priority focus on upselling and service standards
  • Takes part in designing, budgeting and in rolling out on-going training programs for his/her team
  • Schedules periodic food and beverage service staff meetings to ensure correct interpretation of policies and obtain feedback from staff members.
  • Takes part in the hiring and the firing process of all his/her associates
  • Takes part in the orientation process of all his/her new associates
  • Takes part in the annual performance assessment process of all his/her associates and in the setting of annual goals for his/her direct reports.
  • Takes part in updating job descriptions for all positions or in creating new job descriptions for new positions whenever needed
  • Empowers his direct reports and gives them room to develop their skills

Procurement and deliveries
  • Identifies and estimates food* and beverage supply requirements and places beverage orders with suppliers (*together with Head Chef)
  • Checks and orders supplies of non-food items
  • Schedules food and beverage deliveries
  • Checks quality of deliveries and documentation
  • Ensures that all terms and conditions of signed contracts with approved vendors/suppliers of his/her unit are executed and followed. Reports to DOO and to Financial Controller on any contract breach
  • Ensures correct storage of supplies

Finance, Cost Control & Budgeting
  • Monitors restaurant sales and revenue. Is responsible for total restaurant daily receipts and balance against sales, as well as deposit receipts.
  • Ensures cash management procedures are completed accurately
  • Reviews and comments on daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual reports for his/her unit. Analyses budget variances, proposes corrective actions as soon as needed and implements them whenever approved.
  • Is responsible for his/her unit F&B costs, as per budgeted
  • Takes part in annual forecasting/budgeting for his/her unit, and in budgeting annual CapEX

Meetings & Communication
  • Prepares and analyzes management reports for his/her unit
  • Schedules and holds/chairs weekly decision making meetings with his direct reports. Makes sure that meeting's minutes are recorded and that decisions are executed in time
  • Attends weekly meetings with DOO
  • Attends monthly meetings with HH Executive team
  • Reports immediately on any major product defect or any major guest issue and takes all necessary corrective actions
  • Ensures a smooth communication with all direct reports and other Restaurants/Units GM's
  • Monitors HH Division social media activities and HH Division F&B unit's websites. Feeds HH Marketing Manager with helpful news or updates
  • Identifies and evaluates competitors
  • Keeps current with trends in the restaurant industry

Attire, language and behavior
  • Is always neatly dressed and groomed, and always behaves and speaks according to HH Division and Harwood International standards of excellence and image
  • Treats all associates - in public and in private - with respect and consideration, regardless of their position or tasks.

Company Description
Harwood International is a family owned business with nearly 500 associates. The 18 block Harwood District includes eight acres of gardens, more than 6,000 parking spaces, and six office buildings - with additional luxury office, residential and hospitality space currently under development.

Dallas, TX


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