Atlassian Systems Engineer

Coyote Creek Consulting
Milpitas, CA
Jul 25, 2017
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Job Description

So, you've been doing sysadmin work for a while now and you're having fun. You're managing a large number of production servers and your designs have ensured a high level of up-time in your production environment. You can design a system, build a case for your ideas, obtain budget to purchase them and then go build and implement the systems yourself. Your systems are secure and pass every audit that management throws at you. Everything is automated and you wrote enough scripts that your manager decided not to hire another person on your team. You've implemented production releases and opened plenty of bugs when things don't work the way they should in production.

But... you aren't satisfied. There is something missing for you. You're ready to learn something new and take on a new challenge. You want to make sure you can use the skills you have and build new ones. You want to build things, get them to the point they are stable and move on to build the next thing. This is what consulting is all about! No more pager duty. No more 24X7 work. Sure, the occasional after hours work comes along, but it's the exception rather than the rule. Isn't it time for a career that allows you to live your life rather than be your life?

As a member of Coyote Creek's Atlassian Team, you will work with teammates on a wide range of projects at companies anywhere from startups all the way up to Fortune 100 and everything in between. Our clients are the best and brightest in Silicon Valley, the US and the World, in a wide range of industries and level of maturity. Use your skills to do what you love, get things to a stable state and then move on to the next challenge! Work is a mixture of on-site at a client's office and remote over VPN. Some travel may be required, but probably no more than once per quarter. You'll be working on and collaborating with a distributed team with members across the US and Canada. The team works with IT, Engineering, Operations and a wide range of other business teams on the implementation of, migration to and operation of Atlassian's tools suite. Atlassian has the most popular bug/issue tracking system, JIRA, Confluence is their enterprise wiki, Bitbucket is their Git source control system and more. It's an exciting space and the way teams use Atlassian's tools is ever changing and evolving.

Technical Requirements (a combination of the following would be desirable):
  • Linux Operations level skills (experience managing large numbers of servers in a production environment.
  • Scripting skills - ability to automate tasks with scrips, write simple API scripts, experience creating loops, arrays and other scripting functions to simplify repetitive tasks.
  • Experience working in a software team's Software Development Life Cycle. Not necessarily writing code, but experience with how software teams move through their process.
  • Database experience - Not necessarily a DBA, but understanding of databases, knowledge of SQL, performance tuning for popular database technologies, ability to look at complicated database schemas and search for data, database clustering and replication.
  • Security knowledge - Understanding of SSL encryption, basic operating system hardening, firewalls, zero-day protection technologies, filesystem permissions, etc.
  • Architecture and design - Knowledge of multi-tier architecture, knowledge of shared storage systems and performance analysis of these systems, Virtual server knowledge in a variety of different technologies.
  • Proxy and load balancer experience - Knowledge of apache or nginx proxy configurations, rewrite rules, SSL management, reverse proxying, load balancing algorithms, knowledge of common open-source load balancing technologies.

Non-technical Requirements:
  • Customer focused
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Values promptness, even in environments that do not.
  • Ability to speak formally to executive management and also ability to joke with individual contributors.
  • Able to share your experience and knowledge and convince others based on data.

Company Description
Refer a friend - earn $500.00 gift card. Ask me how!

Coyote Creek is a privately-owned IT consulting company based in the Silicon Valley. Founded in 1998 by a team of former corporate IT professionals. Our job opportunities provide IT professionals with the right environment in which to grow in their career while improving and strengthening their desired skill sets.

Milpitas, CA


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