Clinical Coordinator, Physician Assistant Program

General Summary:

Plans and coordinates clinical learning opportunities in the Physician Assistant program. Appropriately manages, analyzes and provides input of student and program-related data required for accreditation of the Physician Assistant program.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:
Organize, coordinate and manage the clinical rotation schedule for the Physician Assistant Program

Develop and coordinate the data management activities for the Physician Assistant program

Coordinate and facilitate the collection and accuracy of all institutional data, statistics, reports, and other information prepared for program faculty and staff, accreditation purposes, and/or released to various parties including the state and federal government.

Serve as liaison and resource to faculty for obtaining specific types of data for accreditation and/or program improvement.

Coordinate hardware and software to meet the needs of data collection for the Physician Assistant Program

Work with the Physician Assistant Program to facilitate placement agreements with provider agencies where EMU does not currently have placements agreements.

Perform clinical site and preceptor development and monitoring.

Routinely monitor student logging of data and clinical rotation documents related to clinical rotations/placements.

Provide timely notification to the Physician Assistant program related to student problems, concerns, unsafe learning environments, etc.

Coordinate program-specific student testing (End of Rotation, Summative Exam, OSCEs, etc.)

Perform related Departmental duties, as required. Qualifications:
Knowledge, skills and ability to coordinate multiple aspects of a health care master degree program as typically obtained by completion of a bachelor degree in a healthcare discipline or a related field or any combination of education and experience is required.

Five years of professional work experience in a medical and/or educational field is required. Familiarity with the function of the physician assistant roles in healthcare is desired. Previous experience working in a physician assistant educational program is desired.

Familiarity with E*Value or other comparable clinical tracking software is desired.

Knowledge of the ARC-PA accreditation Standards and process is desired.

Experience with managing medical simulation activities is desired. Computer technology troubleshooting skills and using audio/video recording software is desired.