Program Coordinator - Petroleum Technology Program

Fairmont, West Virginia
Jul 14, 2017
Institution Type
Community College

Duties and Responsibilities 

- Develop, implement and maintain a two-year Petroleum Technology Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degree program that is firmly based on the tasks and high performance standards required for job competence and safety in this technical field. 

- Identify the knowledge, skills and abilities required within this discipline, and ensure that the program includes and implements industry-recognized standards and competencies within the identified proficiencies. 

- Identify and implement pre- and post-assessments that will be used to test students for the knowledge, skills and abilities required for success in this career. 

- Ensure that skills-based proficiency tests are used to validate identified course competencies. 

- Lead the development, implementation and maintenance of effective training methods, materials and facilities that leverage technology and enable students to achieve desired performance results. 

- Provide advice, guidance and leadership to ensure that adequate resources are dedicated to this applied technology program; including subject matter experts to assist with training program development, and experienced faculty are employed to instruct, evaluate and refine the program. 

- Implement and maintain course content deployment through an online learning management system. 

- Mentor, supervise, and evaluate adjunct instructors and guest lecturers. 

- Establish and maintain relationships and sponsorship with industry partners. 

-Coordinate internships with partnering companies and monitor the activities of students during internships. 

-Evaluate course feedback and initiate curriculum changes through the Curriculum Committee. 

- Manage the development of appropriate psychomotor skills training curricula and the use of applied methods of instruction. 

- Evaluate and implement improvements to training facilities and coursework as appropriate. 

- Measure and track individual student progress and competency/performance levels; customize individual training to correct deficiencies, and develop learning activities to ensure that students gain the necessary skills. 

- Provide reports and other input to college leadership on individual and aggregate student learning, progress and engagement. 

- Collect feedback from students and their instructors; and use this data to evaluate and improve the program. 

- Manage the day-to-day operation, coordination and scheduling of activities occurring within the program. 

- Instruct course(s) within the program. 

- Work closely with internal faculty and staff as well as external partners in identifying and integrating the necessary resources to address regional workforce needs within this industry sector. 

- Perform other duties as assigned.  

Minimum Required Education 

- Bachelor's degree in Petroleum Engineering, Petroleum Technology, or related field plus five years of experience in the Oil and Gas industry.  

Required Licenses and/or Certifications 
Preferred candidate possesses energy related certifications.  

Type and Amount of Experience Needed 
- Experience in technical training or educational program design and delivery.  

Preferred Qualifications 

- Bachelor's Degree in Petroleum Engineering, Petroleum Technology, or related degree 

- Five years of experience in the Oil and Gas industry 

- Five years of experience in technical training program design and delivery 

- IADC RigPass Certification 

- SafeLand USA Certification 

- WellCAP Certification - Supervisory level 

- OSHA Instructor Certification 

- OSHA Forklift Instructor Certification 

- JLG Lift Certification  

Special Conditions