Investment Casting Layout Technician

Hitchiner Manufacturing
Milford, NH
Jul 13, 2017
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Job Description

Primary Function:

Personnel in this position provide support to production departments inspecting and/or calibrating castings, wax dies, spreaders, gages, jigs and fixtures used within the investment casting process.. There are three levels within this position which are differentiated by education, experience, independence and responsibility to lead and direct others. Adhere to all SPI and other specifications to maintain an auditable and certifiable system.

Tools and Equipment:

Computers, NIST traceable standards, CMM, height master, talley surf, vision system, comparator and other measuring and inspection test equipment


ICLT "C" TO5100 Grade: 07

Entry-level position intended for those employees possessing a High School diploma or equivalent and a minimum of 3 years inspection related experience. Work will be performed under the guidance and supervision of "A" or "B" level department members. Must have basic skills as follows:
  • Computer skills
    • Basic Data Base understanding
    • Hardware general understanding
    • Hard storage general understanding
  • Mathematics skills
    • General Mathematics
    • Introduction to Trigonometry
    • Basic algebra
  • Drawing and Geometric Dimensional Tolerance (GD&T)
    • General use and various concepts
    • Moderate blue print knowledge
    • Basic datum systems
  • Metrology methods
    • Established and knowledgeable
    • Full use of hand equipment, indicator use, and micrometer methods
  • SPC
    • Understanding of general and baseline concepts
    • Versed on data entry and conduct accurate inputs
  • Coordinate Measuring Methods
    • Run and use programs
    • Basic knowledge of the capture and use of manual setup methods
  • Calibration
    • Use of related calibration software and hardware systems

ICLT "B" TO5110 Grade: 08

Position is intended for those employees possessing a High School diploma or equivalent and a minimum of three years experience at a "C" level or a minimum of 5 years of related experience and demonstrated ability to perform all Duties and Responsibilities with significant independence. Working knowledge of machine shop practices. Employees within this level will work independently with minimal supervision and be expected to provide guidance and direction for "C" level department members. In addition to the Level "C" skills must possess:
  • Computer skills
    • Average to advanced Data Base understanding
  • Drawing and Geometric Dimensional Tolerance (GD&T)
    • Average to advanced use and variety of concepts
    • Moderate to advanced blue print knowledge
    • Most common datum systems
  • SPC
    • Ability to conduct studies
  • Coordinate Measuring Methods
    • Basic software and system methods
    • Basic to intermediate programmer
    • Grasp hardware and software uses
  • Calibration
    • Advanced user of calibration systems

ICLT "A" TO5120 Grade: 10

This position is intended for those employees possessing a minimum of five year's experience at a "B" level or in excess of 8 years of related experience and demonstrated ability to perform all Duties and Responsibilities with complete independence. Employees within this level will work independently with minimal direction of the department supervisor and be able to lead small teams on major projects as well as provide guidance and direction for both "B" and "C" level department members. In addition, an employee of this level may be required to assume the role of department supervisor during periods of absence or illness. In addition to Level "B" skills, must possess:
  • Computer skills
    • Advanced Data Base understanding
  • Mathematics skills
    • Trigonometry
    • Algebra
  • Metrology
    • Ability to conduct surface finish and roundness scans

Physical Demands:

Must possess sufficient strength and dexterity to perform the duties of the job, including the ability to lift up to 50 lbs. Must have a vision requirement of 20/30, near correctable

Working Procedure:

The following are the usual major job duties, but this job description does not preclude the performance of other duties as assigned by the supervisor:

• Studies supplied specifications such as casting drawings, sketches, models/castings, and/or other information from Engineering to determine methodology necessary to satisfy any dimensional inspection and/or calibration issues and make estimations of time required to complete.

• Sets up, programs and operates machines such as but not limited to CMM, height master, Taylor Hobson, vision system, comparator and other inspection equipment.

• Use hand tools as necessary to aid in the process.

• Must maintain tools of the trade as required by the job.

• Must follow all safety requirements of job as outlined on the job safety card

• Perform other duties as assigned by the supervisor

• Complete all paperwork associated with the job. Correctly maintain all forms and instruction sheets

• Maintain a clean and orderly working environment

• Inform your supervisor about problems that occur

• May be required to handle hazardous waste by collecting and transferring the waste into proper containers at satellite storage areas or storage areas and assuring that the containers are properly inspected, labeled, and closed as required. Must follow correct instruction for handling hazardous waste and report any deviations to supervisor immediately. Must attend yearly instruction in hazardous waste handling and review of current procedures if job duties could affect non-compliance.

Work Environment:

Exposure to dirt dust, odors, and noise within acceptable limits with the use of protective equipment.

Company Description
Founded in 1946 and headquartered in Milford, New Hampshire (USA), Hitchiner Manufacturing Co., Inc. is the premier supplier of complete-to-print, high-volume, complex thin-wall investment castings and fully-finished casting-based subassemblies and components to industry. The company leads the industry in volume production, reduced lead-times and just-in-time manufacturing. Hitchiner produces castings in hundreds of different alloys for a broad spectrum of global markets and customers that include the leaders in the automotive, aerospace, and other industries.

Milford, NH


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