English/American Sign Language Interpreter

Greensboro, North Carolina
$41,830-$53,543 annually (Grade 8, Step 0/Minimum- Step 7)
Jul 12, 2017
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Institution Type
Four-Year Institution

Basic Function

This position serves as the designated interpreter for the College President, staff interpreter to the College, and interpreter coordinator for the President’s Office. The primary function of this position is to provide advanced English/ASLinterpreting and transliterating services for the Office of the President and to ensure the President has interpreters for all College-related meetings, conferences, and events she attends. Also, designated interpreter monitors the quality of contracted interpreters.

Duties and Responsibilities

The role of a designated interpreter is unique. The position requires a nuanced understanding and respect of functions, boundaries, relationships, and the dynamics of communication and power. The designated interpreter is a member of the President’s team. Successfully serving in this role requires a thorough understanding of the President’s role and goals, her team, the College community, and their core values, mission and vision. The appointed interpreter will interact with trustees, students, administrators, faculty, staff, alumni, benefactors, potential students and external constituents as an extension of the President’s Office.

The primary purpose of this position is to provide interpreting that enables two-way communication between and among the groups mentioned above and the President. The interpreter will need to interpret in diverse settings, such as but not limited to, one-on-one meetings, group meetings, social events, meetings conducted over meals, conferences, and Board of Trustee meetings (in person, on the web, and via telephone-based meeting formats). The designated interpreter must have the ability to serve as a professional within these environments and make quick decisions about the function of the event, appropriate interactions, placement, logistics, and relationship building.

A majority of the interpreting is English-to-ASL. The position requires someone who can stay present and engaged in the role of an interpreter for extended periods of time. This position requires someone who can self-monitor communication effectiveness. Interpretations should reflect the broad range of communication styles and personalities of all parties involved; and reflect the linguistic nuances of academia, higher education, and professional environments. The interpreter must be able to work within the continuum of registers, especially formal and intimate, and manage communication as efficiently and effectively as possible.

This position is also directly responsible for ensuring all events and meetings attended by the President have an interpreter or an interpreting team in attendance. The person in this position must have the ability to assess communication needs with respect for the parties involved, the function/goal of the event, and relationships to best coordinate interpreting services. Communication with outside organizations regarding the provision of interpreting services may be required. This position requires someone who can work professionally with other interpreters. The ability to brief and debrief critical information and ensure the effective and efficient provision of interpreting services is a highly valued skill.

This position requires a strong commitment to the College, loyalty to the President, unquestioned integrity, a keen sense of confidentiality, a professional manner, demonstrated skills in effectively managing challenging situations, ethical decision-making, and excellent judgment. The person in this position should possess an understanding of their privileges. As a hearing person, the designated interpreter has the power to decide whether and how to share incidental learning and interpret environmental information.

Specific Responsibilities:

a. Process invoices for contracted interpreters
b. Perform highly advanced interpreting using comprehensive and specialized skills with knowledge and practice of interpreter ethics (such as): the ability to provide transliterating (conceptually accurate signed English) as well as interpreting English to ASL; to work within the continuum of registers; and interpret technical and environment specific language.
c. Prepare for assignments by staying abreast of College initiatives and team/community projects, goals and dialogs; staying current with team communications; and researching topics pertinent to College business.
d. Adhere strictly to the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf, Inc.’s Code of Professional Conduct with emphasis on confidentiality and professionalism.
e. Advise and make decisions regarding set-up, placement, and logistics of the interpreter(s) to ensure effective communication concerning the dynamics of the team/individuals involved. 
f. Coordinate all aspects of interpreting services needed for any events and meetings attended by the President including in-state and out-of-state travel for conferences and meetings.
g. Ability to monitor the schedule of events to coordinate services; attention to detail regarding specifics of assignments and the event schedule.
h. Follow the quality of contracted interpreters carefully to ensure effective communication.

Minimum Qualifications

Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf-National Association for the Deaf Certification or equivalent state administered credential. 
Eligibility for a NC Interpreter and Transliterators License.

Preferred Qualifications

Direct experience working in the role of a designated interpreter or as a staff interpreter. 
Bachelor’s Degree in Interpreting with five years experience as a working interpreter, or an equivalent combination of education and expertise.
Direct experience working as a staff interpreter or designated interpreter.

Work Schedule

The position hours vary and often include evenings and weekends. Some travel, both in and out of state, as well as internationally, may be necessary (requires an average travel time of approximately 15% of work schedule).

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