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Houston, TX
Jul 06, 2017
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Job Description

TOO MANY LEADS. NOT ENOUGH AGENTS. MAKE $104,000 working 25 hrs/week



We are looking for hardcore CLOSERS.

We have a serious amount of people that have requested our services (100% NO COLD CALLING), and just need local help, to go and closeout the deal.

Our agents that work about 25 hours a week, conservatively net around $104,000.


Simply said:

We teach people to make six figures by working part time, selling mortgage protection & final expense type programs

Mortgage protection is a form of life insurance that will pay off a new homeowners loan, in the case of death and helps make mortgage payments in

the event of critical illness, or disability. Final expenses are to pay for funeral bills. We do life insurance and retirement of all types, yet this is a focus

for marketing. Carriers have never seen anything like us.

How we do it:

Call and set appointments on the leads 6-10 hours a week.

Set up 12-15 appointments. Do 10 presentations (you'll get 2-5 reschedules per week) - takes about an hour with clients.

Minimally close 5 deals (average new person has 50% closing ratio) - seasoned has higher close ratios.

How the Money works:

You make an average of $500 per sale. 5 sales will equal $2,500 per week.

The programs are mostly simplified issue - meaning applications are approved within 1-5 days on average.

You get paid EFT - daily pay after approved and paid for.

* Part Time: up to $5k a month or more
* Full Time: - 5-7 figures

Our part time people make upwards to $5k a month and more a few hours a week - they are dedicated to their goals and move to full time when time is right.

We want the aggressive closers, that have been dreaming of a very SIMPLE way to generate 100k+, closing deals a few days per week and create a lifestyle.

How the Leads works:

We mail out over 1million letters a week to people nationwide. People respond back via letter, call in, or go to our websites.

This is a business - with incredible support to help you achieve a crazy good career.

You would be a 1099 worker, we'll teach you how to maximize your schedule & your business.

Leads can be free in beginning - Excellent referral program that is proven to provide 10 minimum referrals clients WANT to give you since it is service based.

Yes, being self-employed you'll have to smart with budgeting if you wish to buy additional leads and we don't apologize for that.

Our leads are extremely effective and valuable, but we teach you to run a REAL BUSINESS.

If you are wanting to work to 9-5'ers that want to make 30-40k per year, and have everything spoon-fed to them, afraid to make phone calls, then

it's probably not for you.

Six Figure Sales Schedule:

We teach people to take 2, four-hour sessions of setting appointments (from home). And 2 full days of running appointments (in the client's home).

You choose which county or counties you desire to work. That's it.

Don't have 25 hours a week to work?: We'll look at what time you have available, and give you a realistic amount that you could make, if you hustle.

Am I capped out at 100k?

Definitely not. We teach people that you could make much more then that, but the smartest way to do it, is to hire and train others in the other 2 days you have availability in the week. Insurance companies pay MAJOR BONUSES to managers. And you don't have to stop selling while you do it. The average managers in our business makes $200,000+. The top managers make over $1,000,000 every year.

TO APPLY: Next Step>>>> Press Apply - Fill out the Form - and one of our executives will reach you within 24-48 business hours!

Why are our agents so successful?

Because our systems are unique in the marketplace - and sets us apart.

A Rated carriers that have been around for 100 plus years have never seen anything like us - and design products for us!

Cutting Edge Referral Programs - People want to refer because of our services and more..

* Bilingual a Plus as expanding in special areas
* Agency Opportunities Available
* Flexible schedules
* FABULOUS TRIPS for you and yours
* Unparalleled Support & training!
* 1-1 Mentoring

Life is tough out there - yet we are exploding - People need what we have to help protect their future and their retirement!

If you really want a solid career - with a company that allows for flexibility and yet to allow you to earn the income you desire - make a difference & be richly rewarded!

...then the time to act is now -

WE ARE LOOKING ONLY FOR those serious about their future, who want to take advantage of this Opportunity NOW!

Next Step >>>> Press Apply - Fill out the Form - and one of our executives will reach you within 1-2 business days!

Company Description
Protecting Families Future! People want & need us!
We have too much business & not enough agents.

Our mission is to help people have money during important events.

* critical illness, disability, long term care
* death of a loved one
* & to have more money to live on in retirement.

We can do things most companies can't with our wide variety of products of services
to meet their needs through mortgage protection, life insurance, final expense, long term
care, college savings and our POPULAR SAFE MONEY PROGRAMS.

We mail out up to 1million letters a week....

We also work with mortgage, real estate along with property /casualty / health insurance companies to provide additional services.

You can work part time or full time, flexible schedule.

Part Time up to $5k a month & more
Full Time 5-6 figures plus 1st year...

Fabulous Trips, Award, Rewards and more.

Finally, you can have a rewarding career that makes a difference!
Come see what makes us different now :)

Positions are limited!

Houston, TX


Wed, 5 Jul 2017 10:15:30 PDT