Telecommunications/Voice/Data/IT Service Technician

Straughn Communications, LLC
Oakland, CA
Jul 04, 2017
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Job Description

Work on low voltage electronic systems which include telephone systems, voicemail systems, automated attendants, custom call routing, data networks, paging systems, IT, wireless networks, VoIP, security, and video conferencing. Provide a wide range of services including design, needs assessment, cable installation and testing, equipment installation, programming, testing, troubleshooting, system moves, and service. This job is centered around our business customers which are located throughout the greater Bay Area as well as other parts of Northern California. You will be dispatched directly to customer sites through our electronic ticketing system. Based upon prior experience and background, you may begin by working with another technician as we work through a period of assessing your skills. Or, if you have proven experience, you may quickly be scheduled to work on jobs in your area where you would be working alone. In many instances, our technicians serve as "smart hands" for installation, maintenance, troubleshooting, and deployment of new systems. In this and other situations, technicians must be able to work effectively with our help desk and remote engineering support teams. To do so requires excellent communication and critical thinking skills.

We like to work around preferred schedules of our team members. If you happen to be a college student with availability which may change from time to time, we are happy to work around your schedule. On the job training is available for those with suitable background and entry level skills required in telephony, electronics, and IT. Pay scale is flexible based upon prior experience. We like to see people come into the company and thrive as they gain experience and prove their ability to provide great customer service.

Candidate Requirements Are:

33 years in the business has taught us that if we begin working with people of great character, integrity, and work ethic, as well as an aptitude that fits our industry, we are very successful in teaching job skills necessary to thrive and be successful in our rapidly changing and growing field of telecommunications. However, people who have technical skills and knowledge, but who lack in the areas of good character, personal integrity, or work ethic have proved to us that we are not able to teach character, integrity and ethics. Therefore, lack of experience is not necessarily a reason not to apply. An awesome telecommunications service technician would have one or more of the following characteristics: loves technology, "techy", critical thinker, enjoys learning new things, active mind, good at math, enjoys working with people, positive attitude even when others are stressed, organized, follows directions in detail, communicates clearly, good active listener, able to understand technical things and asks appropriate questions.

Excellent Work Ethic, Good Character, Personal Integrity,

On Time, Well Groomed, Must Adhere to Dress Code

Self- Starter, Motivated to Learn, Energetic and Takes Initiative

Able to Work Effectively with a Team & Able to Work Alone

Excellent Communication & Customer Service Skills

Demonstrates Ability to Follow Exact Instructions & Exercise Critical Thinking

Ability to Work Unsupervised, Follow Instructions, Adhere to Policy & Protocol

Ability to Work with Technical Support Services via Telephone or Skype Interface When Needed

Background in electronics, IT, Telephony, computers, security, video

Wages are negotiable and will be based on prior work experience. Pay raises are given based on merit and increased skill sets. On the job training is done in the field via ride along days working with skilled technicians.

Prospective technicians could be

a) inexperienced interns looking for on-the-job training,

b) college students looking for part time work with flexible hours and good pay

c) well established techs with high levels of abilities in the areas of telephone system installation, repair, and service, cable installation and termination, and technical troubleshooting, and who are ready to work as full solo-technicians immediately.

A prospective candidate will have a vehicle that they are willing to use to get to customer sites in your coverage area, a smart phone, a willingness to put customer service as the first priority, and an ability to communicate well with customers and other employees/managers at Straughn Communications. It would be beneficial if tech has access to a Windows laptop.

Company Description
Straughn Communications is a telecommunications service company which was founded in 1983 to serve the needs of California businesses. We provide, install, service and maintain voice and data cabling, business telephone systems, paging systems, voice mail systems, wireless networks, local area network cabling, and a wide variety of devices which connect to low voltage circuitry across a wide range of California businesses. Company founder, Grace Young, began working as a telecommunications consultant in 1983 after a five year career with Pacific Telephone. After initially providing needs assessment, consulting, and design services for medium to large corporations, Grace quickly realized that to maintain satisfied customers for the long term, she needed to provided installation, troubleshooting, and comprehensive services for both local and wide area voice and data networks. In fulfillment of this objective, our company works under a California State Contractors License for Low Voltage Electrical (C7). Our services range from telephone systems, voice and data cabling, network systems, wireless systems, VoIP, paging systems, video conferencing, and the like to complete low voltage systems upgrades and server room installations.

We work by the motto that "we do every job so well that when they want it done again they will call us back and they will tell their friends about us" and "we are only as good as the job we are doing right now", We believe that sales and marketing is a function of providing excellent service, including the service of assessing needs and design issues during the course of service calls. Our technicians are trained to identify potential weaknesses in customers' systems, and to make appropriate systems recommendations accordingly. Although we make money selling equipment, we believe that in the long run it is in the customer's best interest to make purchases and upgrades or additions to their systems only when it benefits them to do so. We believe that to oversell equipment, in the long run, is not a good policy. With this in mind, we provide service and support on most major brands of telecommunications systems and we develop long term relationships with our customers. In doing so, we are often their first and only choice when it comes time to make a major change or upgrade.

We have enjoyed a steady stream of business through word of mouth and referrals from existing satisfied customers since we were founded as a home based business in 1983. We operate under a California C7 Low Voltage Electrical Contractors License, and are an Avaya authorized reseller serving many satisfied customers who use the Avaya IP Office. We are certified on Nortel PBX systems, as well as BCM and Norstar, along with the family of equipment associated with those systems. We work on most major brands of telephone systems and we have technical support available for any system that is outside of our comfort zone.

We take great pride in providing our customers with direct, personal attention from the start of our first call or email until they're satisfied with the results of our services. To this aim, we are seeking to build upon our track record and take our company to the next level. When it comes to our team, we believe in creating win-win-win situations. We believe that each team member is an integral part of our business. While we have hired people with some experience or background in our industry, some of our greatest success stories which have defined and fed our company culture are the result of our willingness to bring in people who are honest, ethical, loyal, and highly motivated and driven to learn this technology and who are highly motivated to provide great customer service. We find that loyalty, attitude, integrity, and work ethic are the foundation upon which we can build a candidate's career by teaching them the necessary skillsets. On the other hand, if a candidate comes to us with a wide range of industry skillsets, but they are lacking in the prior areas, this will often prove to be a negative experience. The vast majority of our people through the years have been hired with little or no industry experience. That being said, we are looking for bright, motivated people with good aptitude in one or more of these areas: electronics, computers, telephony, cabling, IT, LAN, WAN, networking, paging, TV, etc. If you feel that you are a quick learner and are compelled to reach out to us with an application and you do not have experience, we encourage you to apply.

Oakland, CA


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