Commercial Construction Superintendent

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Phoenix, AZ
Jul 04, 2017
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This position is responsible for planning and organizing a construction project(s) so that it is finished in a quality manner, on schedule, and within budget to develop and maintain a positive company reputation with the client and the community. He/she must maintain effective communications with immediate supervision and the Project Manager on all construction matters relating to the project's success. Promotes RSG image/culture through professionalism, fair practice, honesty and excellent project coordination. He/she is responsible for the schedule, quality and budget on assigned construction project(s). Must comply with all company policies and procedures.


A. Provide information and expertise in the design and planning of construction projects to ensure quality, timely and cost effective construction.

1. Studies contract drawings, shop drawings, specifications and quality assurance programs to fully understand design criteria for construction purposes.
2. Provide critiques and suggestions regarding design details to ensure build ability of project.
3. Contributes to the establishment of controlling budgets and scheduling of construction activities during pre-construction meetings.
4. Assists in ensuring that appropriate building permits are obtained.
5. Along with the Project Manager, creates a detailed, comprehensive project schedule that incorporates design, permitting, and major subcontractor procurement (shop drawings, review and approval, material fabrication, delivery, etc.).

B. Oversees and directs all phases of construction work at project jobsites.

1. Arranges for proper size and skill-mix of crew on jobsite where necessary.
2. Monitors progress schedule and takes action to ensure project proceeds on established schedule.
3. Orders construction materials according to project specifications.
4. Schedules work activities of crews and subcontractors to effectively sequence activities.
5. Ensures that building inspections are completed at the appropriate times. Coordinates and schedules all project inspections by governing agencies, special inspectors, quality control consultants, structure engineer and architect as required.
6. Oversees the maintenance of protection of company equipment.
7. Determines and orders tools and equipment according to project requirements in a timely manner.
8. Monitors and corrects all construction activities to comply with applicable municipal ordinances.
9. Ensures proper and accurate job layout according to design drawings and specifications.
10. Monitors job costs and takes corrective action to ensure project completion within budget.
11. Maintains good relationships with neighbors of site.
12. Along with the Project Manager, is responsible for the administration of the signed subcontract agreements with respect to subcontractor's/supplier's conformance with said agreements, plans, specifications, changes, and requirements of the local codes/governing agencies.

C. Monitors, enforces, and maintains jobsite safety for construction project.

1. Ensures crew is informed of and uses safety equipment as required by OSHA regulations.
2. Monitors subcontractors to ensure that safety requirements are adequately met.
3. Adheres to the Site Specific Safety Plan established for each project.
4. Attends weekly jobsite meetings and leads weekly jobsite safety meetings.

D. Monitors construction activities and takes corrective action to ensure that quality standards are met.

1. Monitors subcontractors to ensure that all work proceeds within quality assurance programs.
2. Monitors jobsites to ensure that construction proceeds according to requirements of quality assurance programs.
3. Completes punch lists and corrects all punch list-related items.
4. Directs the completion of all construction details to ensure customer satisfaction.
5. Ensures that occupancy permit is obtained prior to Owner's taking occupancy.
6. Monitors subcontractors to ensure that all SWPP and dust control regulations are followed.

E. Prepares reports and documentation to comply with company procedures.

1. Ensures that time cards are prepared and submitted to the appropriate party.
2. Prepares progress reports that contain labor hours and in-place quantities.
3. Maintains an accurate up-to-date job diary for jobsite.
4. Prepares equipment and manpower requests for construction needs.
5. Generates backup for owner change orders and processes backup for subcontractor backcharges.
6. Prepares documentation required to meet SWPPP and dust control regulations.
7. Records, files and submits daily field reports to the Project Manager on a weekly basis.
8. Maintains as-built drawings and specifications.

F. Maintains effective supervision and communication on the jobsite.

1. Clearly and accurately delegates authority and responsibility to subordinates and coworkers.
2. Creates and maintains productive working relationships with project managers and subcontractors.
3. Keeps supervisor and project managers informed on construction projects.
a. Reports progress of projects.
b. Reports potential problems.
c. Communicates need for in-house resources.
4. Supervises subordinates according to labor contract specifications.
5. Enhances company posture on Equal Employment Opportunity by recruiting, selection, developing and retaining protected class employees.

G. Performs other duties as assigned by Managing Principal.


High school diploma or equivalent with additional construction-related courses of a vocation or technical nature, plus a minimum of three years' experience. Previous experience as a framing or drywall subcontractor foreman is preferred. Carpentry background is helpful. Computer skills with the ability to do CPM scheduling and planning. Demonstrated ability to effectively supervise construction employees and to accomplish work within budget and on schedule. Demonstrated construction ability shown through superior

Phoenix, AZ


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