Zaxby's General Manager

NA Foodservice, Inc. (Zaxby's Licensee)
Muscle Shoals, AL
Jul 02, 2017
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Job Description

We are looking for a competent, reliable, self-motivated, results-driven leader that will run the store like it is their own!
All of our locations are highly successful stores! Do you want to become part of Team of Managers that gets it done?

Our Managers are quite simply better than our competitors. That is because of the Training we give you and we are a Results Driven Organization that is highly focused on Developing Leaders.

We Hire A Players. We hire individuals who have higher expectations for themselves than anyone else could possibly expect! As a company I can tell you we get Superior Results - It is because of the Excellent People we have!

Does this sound like you?

Are you self motivated?
Are you Results Oriented?
Are you wanting to make a difference in what you do?
Are you smart?
Do you move with a Sense of Purpose?
Do you take the initiative, or do you wait to be told what to do?
Do you take Responsibility, or is it someone's else responsibility?
Do you want to develop other People?
Do you want to achieve new skill sets that you have never had in your life at high level?

Where are you on the above questions?
If you are confident in your answers above, then we would like to talk to you! If you noticed, we did not mention anything about Experience.

Of course we love experience, but what we really love are those People that are willing to Step Up, Think for themselves, make decisions, work hard, and are wanting more for themselves and Others!
For us it is all about the Individual who can get it done! So if you think this is you and you don't have any significant experience in the Food Business - Don't Worry.
We can Train You to run a Business in a way you probably never thought you could do.
If you are Experienced and you think the Above Sounds Like You - Then All The Better. We will Train You to run a Business in a way you may have never encountered before.

Please take the above Questions and Thoughts Seriously. If you don't have high expectations of the most important person in this process (that is YOU), then you are probably not going to be successful with us. We are not looking for perfection - far from it, but we are looking for those of you who not only have a strong desire to succeed but are willing to prove it to us and to yourself! Does this sound like you?

Lastly - There is not a Ceiling with us. The only Ceiling is your ability to dramatically impact events, and the business and people you are in charge of! Our ability to grow is based on you! So what kind of career do you want to make for yourself?

Examples of some of our Job Responsibilities include:

We know it may sound obvious, but the difference in our stores is we begin and end with the Guest/Customer. For us this is not an expression of stating the Obvious, but stating the most Critical Item in our Business. We have learned that for many these are words that don't really mean anything - For Us it is the Lifeblood of our Business!
A High Level Awareness of any and all issues that are affecting Guests/Customers.
Engaging with Customers through Smiles and Greetings and always a genuine Thank You
Training each and every Employee and Manager to be 100% Guest/Customer Focused.
Keeping a Clean and Attractive Store inside and out
High Level Execution of our Customer Incentive Program.
The Most Effective and Dramatic Way to Grow your business is by Organic Growth! This comes by increasing the Frequency of Each Guest and their Positive Experiences being shared with others. Our Stores continue to demonstrate positive Sales Comps and Transactions over several years - Thus we believe in Strong Operational Knowledge and Control by the General Manager.

Keeping all employees, managers and yourself looking sharp and professional.
Scheduling of all employee's and managers
Hourly Labor Cost to be @ $50 Per Man Hour or better
Interviewing, Hiring, Training of all employees and managers
Teach, Train, Mentor, Praise, Correct and hold accountable all employees and managers
Reward and Promote Great Employees
Correct, Discipline and Get Rid of Bad Employees quickly.
Ability to correctly identify and distinguish Great Performers, Good Performers, Mediocre Performers and Bad Performers.
Routine Informal Assessments of all employees and managers.
Annual Formal Assessments of all employees and managers.
Maintaining a positive and friendly attitude towards and team members and managers.

Routinely communicating with Vendors
Issue purchase orders
Receiving product
Know Specifications of Products received and comply with stated standards
Stay on Top of Products and Services Purchased with full knowledge of ongoing costs
Food Cost to be below Cost of Goods Budget
Never Run out of Food!
Maintain Equipment and ongoing Preventive Maintenance throughout Business.

Monitoring and using correct product pricing and signage.
Grow Sales thru marketing programs.
Sales Forecasting
Sales and Transaction Growth
We are a Top Line Focused Company - So your awareness on Sales will be an omnipresent issue and expectation. We know that our General Managers are the single greatest influence on Sales - The Key is Do You Know This?

Ensuring compliance with Franchise Standards
Ensuring compliance with Health Department & Other Governmental Agencies at the highest Level.
High Levels of Communication with Ownership
Daily Paperwork, Weekly Paperwork, etc.

1. Are we communicating in the kitchen?
2. Are we setting up orders prematurely?
3. Are we adhering to hold temps and times?

1. Are we building menu items correctly?
2. Are we preparing what is on the ticket?
3. Are the orders being checked?

1. Are we staffed, prepared, and stocked?
2. Are we serving guests under 4 minutes?
3. Are we aware and hustling?

1. Are we welcoming and greeting guests properly? Are we taking Orders Correctly?
2. Are we delivering the product to the guests properly?
3. Are we providing the proper environment?

Requirements Area
Daily Discipline: Set a daily agenda for oneself and executing it!
Daily Discipline: Set a daily agenda for subordinates and executing it!
Work quickly and efficiently, sometimes with little direction, to accomplish assigned duties.
Professional Written Communication
Computer Skills: ability to write documents in Microsoft Office-Word & Excel
Good Math Skills
Excellent Communication Skills
Cleaning Skills

Read product labels, shelf signage, business forms, and posted company policies/procedures.
Learn and disseminate a wide range of knowledge concerning menu items.
(i.e. their tastes, descriptions, etc.)
Understand and follow all food safety and sanitation rules, policies and guidelines.
Stand for long periods of time, bend and twist, and frequently lift and/or maneuver merchandise and supplies weighing 20 - 40 lbs.
Point of Sale Proficiency!
Awareness of your Surroundings and the ability to take action on your awareness
Ability to communicate honestly with Ownership

Company Description
NA Foodservice is a highly successful Zaxby's Licensee with some of the best performing stores in the entire Zaxby's System.
All of our stores are located in the North Alabama Region.
Our General Managers come from all kinds of backgrounds. Some have college degrees and some are high school graduates. Some have foodservice experience and some do not. However, the one thing all of our General Managers do have is a a strong sense of "ownership to the store" they run, a great work ethic, an ability to develop people and are Leaders in their own unique way.

Muscle Shoals, AL


Sat, 1 Jul 2017 12:49:59 PDT