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Jul 02, 2017
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Job Description

Oversee all construction activity and manages community production staff to ensure quality work, within budget, on schedule, while exceeding customers expectations. Must maintain a safe work site at all times. Takes full responsibility to produce homes in an efficient manner through effective management of employees, subcontractors and suppliers. She/he is the primary representative of the company on construction concerns to the customers while the home is under construction. Responsible for assessing staffs goals coaching, mentoring and professional development of superintendents and technicians.

development of superintendents and technicians.

Position Objectives

1. Exceed customer expectations for service model throughout the process.

2. Exceed customer expectations and industry standards for in progress and completed product quality.

3. Monitor safety regulations and onsite performance to maintain company standards.

4. Enhance Winchester reputation in the marketplace.

5. Continuously find and implement improvements to processes and products and share findings.

6. Create an environment of teamwork with regard to fellow employees and subcontractors.

Position Responsibilities


1. Meet individual and site safety goals.

2. Attend all safety trainings and meetings.

3. Is responsible for establishing and enforcing safety measures. Makes sure subcontractors perform their work safely in accordance with OSHA guidelines and WHI standards.

4. Inspect site for compliance with safety regulations and WHI standards.

5. Document and communicate all accidents, unsafe conditions or possible violations to supervisor and WHI Safety Manager immediately.

6. Monitors Safety database for employee compliance with monthly goals.

7. Escorts customers on site for scheduled meetings.


1. Understand subcontractor scopes of work and agreed upon timeframes. Will be responsible for Production Information Schedule and its relationship to the overall delivery schedule. This includes coordinating lumber deliveries to the field.

2. Follow a CPS construction schedule for every house. Updates schedules daily. Updates weekly house status with Manager. Communicates completion dates with Community Team members and customers. Ensures schedule is met. Identify and take corrective actions to address delays and prevent future reoccurrence. Be able to understand and fully utilize the functionality of Field Connect Mobile.

3. Understand and support the "paperless environment" created at Winchester.

4. Schedule just-in-time delivery of materials and labor for each unit.

5. Perform daily inspections with staff members to ensure schedule remains on time.

6. Communicate construction progress with Team members to ensure customer option changes are addressed and settlement dates established.

7. Oversee government inspections and utility installations to prevent delays in construction.

8. Follow the established processes for unit delivery:

1. Quality Inspection (QI)

2. Quality Inspection Verification (QIV)

3. Pre Closing Walk (PCW)

4. Sign Off Walk (SOW)

5. Establishing Walk dates


1. Monitor subcontractor work by walking each unit every day to ensure quality is to code and WHI standards of quality and cleanliness are met each day.

2. Inspect materials upon delivery and installation to prevent problems due to material defects.

3. Protect delivered materials to prevent damage and/or theft.

4. Review plans, specifications, approved customer changes to ensure construction meets customer expectations. This person is the primary field contact for all sub-contractor issues and meetings.

5. Complete QI, QIV, PCW and SOW lists within policy time frame.

6. Consult with engineers, subcontractors, inspectors and Design, Sales, Land Development and Purchasing to ensure smooth production operation.

7. Make sure that the proper grades and depths of excavation are maintained. Reviews the cut sheets and site plan for any discrepancies and dirt balance issues. Consults with the engineer on any changes and or discrepancies. Train staff and other production personnel by hosting training sessions on grading/excavation or other critical construction phases such as frame check at a job-site.

8. Support the Quality and Safety (Q&S) protocol by ensuring trades and staff follows the reporting and documentation requirements.

9. Ensure specs and models are walked daily.

10. Schedule and conduct pre-construction and pre-drywall meetings for customers.

11. Ensure that you and all contractors abide by the terms and conditions of the Q&S Program.

12. Understand the "industry standards" as specified by Pro Home

1. Be able to discern the level of scrutiny between a QI and PCW - see the broader picture of the Pro Home/Winchester relationship

Customer Relations

1. Manage construction to ensure customer expectations are anticipated and met. Communicate regularly to sales and/or customer on a proactive basis.

2. Oversees all pre-construction and pre-drywall meetings with all homeowners and Superintendents to review plans and selections and an overview of the construction process and scheduling.

3. Document and communicate potential and actual customer opportunities.

4. Utilize technology for supporting the customers' web portal (Pro Home data base)

5. Treat all customers (homebuyers, homeowners, realtors, government agencies, internal customers, vendors and subcontractors) with courtesy and respect.

6. Return customer phone calls and service requests same day.

7. Teaming with warranty partner - Pro Home. Continue to maintain and enhance the relationship between Pro Home and Winchester Homes. Be available to help with service when needed.

8. Be available by phone during non business hours for job site related emergencies

Cost Control

1. Construct homes within established budget.

2. Do not exceed acceptable level of variance to House and Lot Finishing budget as determined by Director of Production each year.

3. Conducts detailed inspection to ensure entire scope of subcontractor work is 100% complete before authorizing payment.

4. Implement EWO policy according to company standards.

5. Control field overhead by training staff and monitoring updates.

6. Provides lot finishing quarterly updates to manager. Works to establish new lot finishing budgets with the Manager for new communities or sections.


Site Organization

1. Job site site and houses to be open and ready for business from 7:00 am to 4:00 pm daily.

2. Project Manager is on site to give access to homes and construction work space, and the

security of the job site and homes are checked at the end of the work day. (If work is scheduled on a weekend - Project Manager must be in attendance)

2. Work space is to be kept clean, uncluttered, and organized. Subcontractor area to be accessible during business hours. All areas to be kept organized, with information and resources available. Information to include: current site plan, approved architectural, safety supplies, phone/fax/computer, in working order.

3. Ensure houses are broom swept everyday with all trash discarded and placed in appropriate dumpsters.

4. Safety rails and safe access in every house, every day.

5. Ensure that Q&S boxes and current "WHI Hotspots" are in all lots under construction

6. Temporary locks on all doors at framing phase.

7. Ensure selection sheets are in houses at framing.

8. Lot sign and address on all lots and houses.

9. Protection on all surfaces and fixtures.

10. Temporary stone entrance on all lots at backfill.

11. Windows and doors locked at the end of each day, and manage security of site at all times.

12. Items to be worn by and kept with project manager at all times: Clipboard/iPhone, tape

measure, marker, hard hat, collared shirt, slacks, and hard sole work boots.

13. Must Complete the Superintendent Learning Objectives and SWPPS certified, trained in

OSHA 10 hour, first aid and CPR all within the first 6 months of hire.

14. Must keep streets clean, free of all construction debris including mud; building materials

must kept stacked neatly and safely.

15. All work sites are to be kept neat and organized with minimal excess material.


1. Support Warranty Department and Pro Home to complete all service requests by coordinating subcontractor schedules when called upon

2. Team with the Warranty Department and Pro Home to solve challenging customer issues. Proven ability to handle difficult customer issues with minimal coaching.

Administrative Duties

1. Approve construction invoices and update automatic pay sign off sheets in a timely fashion. Team with Purchasing on vendor changes and challengers by e-mail and keep them updated on vendor field issues.

2. Writes or approves extra work orders and purchase orders for all items which were not included in the original budget and accurately justifies the reason for the variance.

3. Secure certificates of occupancy.

4. Attend Weekly meetings with Manager.

5. Completes and submits all necessary production reports and information in a readable, accurate and timely manner to the corporate office.

6. Manages performance of Superintendent assigned to his/her job site.

7. Understands and utilizes performance management practices in regards to underperforming staff members and works to correct poor performers. Can effectively track staff performance for monthly review meetings with the Manager.

8. Meet with Community Sales Manager weekly (COM and FOR)(Community Team Meeting) to document and create action items for the Community Team (Production and Sales).

Weekend Availability

1. Have cellular phone on and periodically check the phone for emergency e-mails or phone


Position Requirements


1. Bachelor's degree or comparable field experience.

Job Skills

1. Job scheduling/project management.

2. Able to read and understand plans and specifications completely.

3. Excellent at training staff members on all aspects of residential construction.

4. Knowledgeable of building codes, OSHA requirements, and other legal restrictions.

5. Knows and understands the performance criteria and construction standards of all trades.

6. Ability to set and meet quality expectations.

7. Budgeting and cost control.

8. Understands basic surveying principals and practices.

9. Ability to manage and meet customer expectations and maintain positive relations.

10. Clear verbal and written communication skills.

11. Teaming

12. Good problem solver.

13. Well organized and exceptional at follow up.

14. Ability to efficiently delegate work to others.

15. Has proven success developing others.


1. Minimum 6 years construction experience including 2 years supervisory experience in residential construction.

2. High End homebuilding experience preferred.

***Positions Available Immediately In Maryland & Virgina

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For over 35 years, Winchester Homes, Inc. has led the Washington DC luxury homebuilding market with innovative home design, specialized customer service and quality craftsmanship. We are committed to delivering the best buyer experience. This commitment depends on the inspired people we employ. Discover the variety of job opportunities at Winchester Homes, Inc., and bring your talents to this dynamic team environment today.

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