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Jun 29, 2017
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Southern University and A&M College is accepting applications for the position of Principal/Director of Southern University Laboratory School

The Principal/Director of Southern University Laboratory School oversees the work of the elementary, middle, and high and virtual school through their Principals.

  • Interprets and implements all state laws and policies relevant to public education
  • Oversees all administrative decisions necessary for the proper function of the Lab School (K-12) and forge professional working relationships with internal and external governing agencies.
  • Supervises all activities of the Lab School according to applicable state laws and policies as well as appropriate SUBR policy;
  • Participates in the admissions process for incoming students per SUBR policy;
  • Acts as a liaison between the Lab School and the community ; Acts as a liaison between the Lab School and the School of Education, College of Arts & Humanities and with the SUBR community at large ; Works with the Foundation on development efforts and to create and maintain strong alumni and community relations;
  • Establishes and maintains a program of public relations to keep the public well-informed of the activities and needs of the Lab School, effecting a wholesome and cooperative working relationship between the Lab School and the community;
  • Oversees construction and/or renovation projects for the Lab School;
  • Reviews decisions from the disciplinary committee, dean of students, or the principals;
  • Attends extra-curricular activities on a regular basis;
  • Reports to the Superintendent or appropriate SUBR authorities on matters as deemed material to understanding the Lab School and ensuring proper management of the Lab School;
  • Assumes responsibility for the overall financial planning of the Lab School and for the preparation of the annual budget;
  • Establishes and maintains efficient procedures and effective controls for all expenditures of school funds;
  • Files all reports required by the state and other governing bodies;
  • Recommends selection of personnel to human resource management;
  • Makes and records assignments and/or transfers of all employees in keeping with their qualifications;
  • Employs such personnel as may be necessary, within the limits of budgetary provisions;
  • Recommends employment actions on promotion, salary and title changes, or any disciplinary action as necessary;
  • Oversees the classification and advancement of students in accordance with state law and policy;
  • Summons school employees to attend such regular and occasional meetings as are necessary to carry out the educational program of the laboratory school;
  • Supervises methods of teaching, supervision, and administration in effect in the schools;
  • Stays abreast of latest educational trends;
  • Contributes to the professional literature;
  • Accepts responsibility for the general efficiency of the laboratory school, for the development of the school staff, and for the educational growth and welfare of the students;
  • Defines educational needs and formulates necessary policy for them to be addressed;
  • Makes all administrative decisions necessary for the proper functioning of the laboratory school;
  • Oversees scheduling the use of buildings and grounds by all groups and organizations;
  • Conducts periodic administrative meetings;
  • Develops a strategic plan for the school that will strive to attain:more collaboration with the School of Education, College of Arts &Humanities; which increases practical training opportunities for Southern University Education Majors more autonomy for managing personnel in the school;optimal achievement for students with variances in ability; a more diverse faculty and student population to make maximum use of the human capital at the Lab School; and
  • Engages in recruiting, curriculum, and professional development activities of the College of Education, Arts & Humanities.
  • Implements initiatives to increase public service efforts of the Lab School
  • Performs other tasks that may be assigned by the Director of the School of Education who also serves as the Superintendent. or other appropriate SUBR personnel.

Required Qualifications:

A Master’s degree (doctorate preferred) in education or a closely related field; five years of successful classroom teaching and/or administrative experience (preferably as superintendent, head of school, or head of school division); Educational Leader Certification and understanding of the genuine commitment to the core principles, practices and programs to ensure every student is successful, graduates, and possesses a skill set to succeed in post-secondary education.

Additional Qualifications Desired:

A vision of the potential of a laboratory school; genuine concern for children; a commitment to innovation and risk-taking; strong leadership qualities, including the ability to collaborate and delegate; strong research skills; strong communication skills (both written and oral); a commitment to innovative uses of instructional technology; the ability to develop alumni support and continue the growth of the school's young but highly successful foundation; successful experience in oversight of construction and renovation projects.

To apply please submit the attached employment application, a letter of interest and resume to Questions may be submitted via email to the same email address.

Criminal background check and reference verification is required.

Southern University and A&M College is an equal opportunity employer.