Assistant or Associate Professor of Counselor Education

Requisition Number: 201700025F

Department: Dept of Counselor Education

Experience Requirement: The candidate must be currently certified as a school counselor. If candidate is certified in another state and offered the position, candidate must seek school counseling certification in Texas. Moreover, candidate must demonstrate ability to work in Texas schools (i.e. knowledge of Texas school laws, Texas Education Agency supervision policies and procedures). In addition, the candidate must be a licensed professional counselor or seek licensure in Texas and have three years credible experience as a school counselor. Candidate needs to provide evidence of effective interpersonal skills, as well as knowledge and application of skills as a counselor educator and school counselor. It is preferred that the candidate has experience working with ethnically, culturally, and linguistically diverse populations.

Usual Duties: Duties and responsibilities include but are not limited to: (1) teaching graduate level courses in school counseling and counselor education, (2) advising and supervising graduate level students in the program, (3)advising students in research, theses, and dissertations as appropriate to rank level, (4) making intern site visits, (5) participating in professional, program, department, college and university committees, (6) participating in research and publications specific to counseling. Candidate will be expected to utilize technology and may periodically be assigned to teach an online course.

Degree Requirements: Ph.D or Ed.D in Counselor Education from a CACREP institution is preferable.