Job Summary The Lead Patient Account Representative is an employee of the University of Georgia (University Health Center). This position must demonstrate effective leadership skills and demonstrate effective and professional communication. Respects and maintains confidentiality in all matters relating to patients. Trains new employees coming in as a new Patient Account Representative and is the liaison between the two Business Services' locations (1st floor, 3rd floor). Staffs the Business Services' front desk. Responsible for maintaining patient accounts for the University Health Center by effectively dealing with patients and insurance companies. Counsels patients, should they have questions about their insurance coverage, balances and/or possible payment plans; this includes counseling both graduate and international students who need assistance with UGA's Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP). Must have an understanding of all payers as it relates to billing and have the knowledge of payor reimbursement methodology. This position requires an effort to collect monies due from patients according to the policies set forth by the University Health Center Business Services' department. Maintains a daily deposit. Understands how to determine if a student has paid his/her Health Center fees and accepts payments for that fee. Is capable of diffusing and resolving patient or parent complaints without further antagonizing the patient or parent. Works any incoming mail on a daily basis, whether it is from the insurance company or the patient; this includes posting commercial EOBs/checks and processing return mail. Post athletic payments and prepares pharmacy labels for athletic billing. Manages the UHC flagging within the Banner system. Must be able to perform duties under the stress of deadlines and high volume, while maintaining professionalism. Provides backup assistance for other Business Services' employees, as needed. Minimum Qualifications Completion of a Bachelor's degree in Accounting, Business Administration, or a related discipline; or any equivalent combination of education, training, and experience.