Job Summary The University Health Center Associate Accountant must demonstrate effective leadership skills and demonstrate effective and professional communication. Respects and maintains confidentiality in all matters relating to patients. Maintains a daily deposit and reconciles the daily deposits (13 individual deposits) of revenue generated by the University Health Center each day and prepares the UHC deposit. Collects and reconciles the tax report from UHC Pharmacy and Vision Clinic for the prior day. Staffs the phones within the Business Services' department. Researches and processes all insurance refund request and must have knowledge of reimbursement sources and collection procedures for healthcare. This position requires an effort to collect monies due from patients according to the policies set forth by the University Health Center Business Services' department. Provides assistance to patients, either by telephone or in person, when handling their account. Monitors supply levels and orders supplies when needed. Follows our file retention policy for payment documentation and database files containing patient and transaction records and shreds those files on a monthly basis as appropriate retention dates have passed. Needs to be capable of defusing and resolving patient or parent complaints without further antagonizing the patient or parent. Posts both medical insurance and pharmacy insurance payments received electronically, by mail or by fax, as needed. Staffs the Business Services' front desk as needed. Manages the UHC flagging within the Banner System. Must be able to perform duties under the stress of deadlines and high volume, while maintaining professionalism. Minimum Qualifications Completion of a Bachelor's degree in Accounting, Business Administration, or a related discipline; or any equivalent combination of education, training, and experience.