Store District Manager - Dairy Queen

Gatesville, TX
Jun 24, 2017
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Job Description

District Manager of Multiple Dairy Queen locations in North Texas-apply with us at and may live in or around 90/100 mile radius of the DFW area (home office in Graham, TX 76450)
  • Oversees entire restaurant operations, including financial performance, product production, inventory, personnel, sales, and marketing for multiple restaurant locations. Ensures restaurants are operated within operational guidelines established by owner and franchisor. Essential job functions include, but are not limited to:

    • Oversees and manages all areas of multi-unit restaurants and makes final decisions on matters of importance.

    • Time management skills are necessary and good communication skills to communicate with their Director of Operation and managers daily.

    • Ensures that all PRIDE systems and routines are incorporated into the day-to-day operations of the restaurant.

    • Responsible for the development and achievement of the restaurant's game plan by working with their Director of Operation.

    • Ensures guest service in all areas meets company standards.

    • Ensures GM or store Manager responds to customer complaints, taking prompt and appropriate action to resolve problems and to ensure customer satisfaction is maintained.

    • Ensures GM or store Manager works with local chamber and schools to increase restaurant sales.

    • Trains GM or store Manager to staff, train and develop assistant managers and hourly employees through orientations, ongoing feedback, the establishment of performance expectations and by conducting performance reviews.

    • Responsible for effective management schedules and ensures that all restaurant locations are properly staffed for all day parts and sales volumes.

    • Manages multi-unit restaurants P & L to optimize manageable profit, controls COGS, Labor, and Controllables (semi-fixed expenses).

    • Performs other duties and responsibilities as requested by DO.

    Additional Responsibilities:

    • Oversees the management of the entire operation of each of the restaurants through the development and growth of staff, sales and profitability to meet goals established in location's game plan.

• Ensures each of the restaurants are in accordance with established company standards, policies and procedures.

• Assists in the success of each of the restaurants by ensuring guest satisfaction through adhering to company standards for quality, value, service and cleanliness.

• Maintains a positive working relationship with each of the restaurants management and team members to foster and promote a cooperative and pleasant working climate which will be conducive to maximize employee morale, productivity and efficiency.

Additional Info

• Three to five years of restaurant management experience preferred, QSR experience strongly preferred.

• Multi-unit restaurant management preferred

• High School diploma or equivalent required.

• Proven track record in management of COGS and labor.

• Must have excellent customer service and employee relations skills.

• Must be detail oriented with the capability to oversee all aspects of the business and multiple areas simultaneously in a fast-paced environment.

• Must be able to perform under pressure in a high volume restaurant, including moving and responding quickly for long periods of time.

• Must be able to work in and out of different temperature ranges.

• Must be able to stand for long periods of time.

• Must be able to lift up to 50 pounds.

• Must have excellent customer service skills and exhibit good manners, proper personal hygiene, positive attitude and promptness.

• Travel is expected to visit their locations and work with their managers and team members at each of their restaurant locations.

Company Description
Welcome to the Richeson Group Dairy Queen website for job application in one of our 62 Dairy Queen locations across the State of Texas. Doris Richeson, the company owners first store front was built in 1969. She is quoted as saying: ,When I got in the business, the price of a hamburger was 45,, fries were 25,, hamburger meat was 45, per pound, our building, with land, cost $50,000, and to equip the restaurant, the price tag was $20,000...well, you get the idea. There was no minimum wage, and we hired a woman who became manager away from the drug store, doubling her salary from 50, an hour to a starting pay of $1.00 per hour. Time has marched on!
,Ms. Richeson was ahead of her time but is no stranger to hard work. As one story goes she was so tired at the end of a long day working not only at her Dairy Queen but also another full time position she got home at 2am and drove her car not into ,but through the house! She almost ran over her husband; electricity sparked, gas and water spewed and fortunately no one was injured. But truth is she has been in our shoes working hard and making ends meet!
Things can get a little tough from time to time, but the restaurant business holds hope and almost assurance that a good job will be rewarded with a livelihood which holds no ill-gotten gains or need of financial bail-out. Our customers are our community members and our travelers happy to see the Great State of Texas Ms. Richeson says: ,People will always eat, and whether they put it in their plans or not, they will always eat out, thus we have our livelihood. We just gotta make our restaurants the best places they want to eat.
Truth is Richeson DQ yearly grocery list consists of almost one million pounds of potatoes, half a million pounds of American Beef and a quarter of a million gallons of dessert mix. That,s alotta groceries. Seasonally we employ up to 1000 people in our 62 stores and we need you to become a part of our team!
DQ, That,s what I like about Texas!

Gatesville, TX


Fri, 23 Jun 2017 14:13:45 PDT